The best VPNs for India

Privacy, censorship, security and surveillance are just four of many reasons why Internet users in India might reach for a VPN. Connecting to the Internet through a secure VPN link to the provider’s server can help you access blocked sites and services, hide your activities from surveillance and conceal your…

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The Best VPN For Canada

VPNs can protect your privacy, enhance your security and help with anonymity and your right to free speech. By connecting to the Internet through a secure VPN link to a server, you can conceal your location and identity, kick over the traces of your online activities and protect yourself against…

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The Best VPN For Australia

Australians and visitors to Australia enjoy a high degree of Internet freedom, but even here a VPN can be a must-have. New laws have increased capacity for surveillance and given companies new responsibilities to retain your data, while other legislation restricts access to some services and websites. Meanwhile, Australians have…

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The Best Messenger Bags for iPads and Tablets

When Apple debuted the original iPad in 2010 it was nothing much more than a big, oversized iPhone. Yet still people bought it in droves and it kicked on the tablet marketplace, which saw every other tech company get into the game. But after a few years, tablet sales started…

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