Here’s Why The Pixel 3 Camera Is The Best On Any Phone

There once was a time when the average Android user felt incredibly insecure around their iOS-owning friends for one key reason: photography. Traditionally, Android-based phones have struggled to match Apple’s iPhone when it comes to this vital element of smartphone design; from the earliest days of the smartphone era, Apple’s…

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The Best Podcast Apps For Android

For those not in the know, a “podcast” refers to episodic content that is usually free to download. Podcasts can be professionally produced–like those from the BBC–or done by amateurs and enthusiasts and cover almost every conceivable topic from current events to sports to comic books and tech. Its name…

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The Best TV For Gaming (If You’re On A Budget)

After years and years of slow adoption, both by consumers and content providers alike, 4K (or UHD) is now pretty much mainstream. The slow, yet steady rise of 4K TV has now culminated in a market filled with inexpensive options. This always happens. Early adopters get stung with MASSIVE prices,…

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