Children of the Apple – the best X-Men apps

Rather fittingly, the X-Men have changed and evolved a lot over the years since their comic-book birth, but the latest blockbuster movie (which, somewhat surprisingly, turned out to be pretty damn awesome) returns to the origins of Marvels’ mutants. Their foray into gaming and digital media has been no different.…

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The best mobile games: June 2011

As we’ve just hit July and it’s a Friday, it can only mean one thing. Two things. Okay, it means lots of things, but the most important one is our monthly games round up is here where we, erm, round up the best games. It’s been a surprisingly good month,…

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The best mobile games: May 2011

Because we publish many game and app reviews on Know Your Mobile, it can be hard to locate the best. So, from now on we’re going to select our five favourite games we’ve reviewed within the last month for your viewing and gaming pleasure, giving you the essential lowdown on…

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The best iPhone 5 leaked images to date

Update: Apple is taking on more UK retail staff for the release of the iPhone 5. The recruitment drive alludes to a September release date, just as we expected. Updated: More iPhone 5 leaked pictures than you can shake a stick at! Apple’s iPhone 5 is probably the most highly…

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The best games available for the Xperia Play

Although the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play is guaranteed a steady flow of exclusive titles like the excellent BackStab – as well as a plethora of 32-bit classics via its PlayStation Pocket application – it’s worth remembering that many developers have dutifully updated their existing titles to make use of the…

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