What Are The Best 4K TVs To Buy in 2017?

How far things have come in just a year. Last year at this time there were plenty of 4K UHD televisions on the market–but very little 4K content available to play on them. But over the last year 4K content has grown exponentially, with many major streaming services, such as…

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The Best iMessage Apps For iOS 10

One of the biggest changes in iOS 10 was all the refinements Apple did to its iMessage app. The messaging app now supports rich links, larger emoji’s, animated backgrounds, and even messages you can draw with your finger. But the biggest change of all to iMessage was that Apple turned…

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The Best Netflix Alternatives You Need In Your Life

I’m a huge fan of Netflix and have been using the service in the UK for years. The company does a great job of making sure its apps are available on virtually any device out there, from digital media players, to smart TVs, to games consoles and smartphones. The service…

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