The Best Xbox One Accessories For 2017

There’s no denying you can have a ton of fun with your Xbox One right out of the box. After all, it comes with everything you need to start playing: the console, gamepad, and usually some games, depending on which box deal you bought. But if you’re a hardcore Xbox…

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The Best Headphones You Can Buy For Under $50

Headphones are kind of a luxury. They’re something most people loathe spending money on, as most modern phones come with a free pair in the box. Most make do with these, though usually it isn’t pleasant. However, if you’re something of an audophile; if you value hearing all the work…

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The Best ChromeBox PCs – Everything You Need To Know

When Google recently announced that it was killing off its Chromebook Pixel laptop, many erroneously thought that was the end of the company’s Chrome OS too. As TechCrunch reported: “When asked if Google had plans to produce any more Pixel laptops, [Google’s senior vice president for hardware Rick] Osterloh said…

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The BEST 360 Camera Options You Can Buy RIGHT NOW

It used to be that a camera that recorded 1080p video was good enough. Then it was 4K video. Now, increasingly, people are demanding cameras that can record video in 360º. The reason for this is that VR and AR technology are getting more popular and commonplace. That means people…

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