How To Unsend Messages In Facebook Messenger

Yes, you can FINALLY take back that drunk message you sent After years of everyone tasing for it, Facebook has finally given its commoner users the ability to revoke messages they’ve sent. I say “commoners” because the higher-ups at Facebook, like Mark Zuckerberg, have long been able to go back…

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The Best Podcast Apps For Android

For those not in the know, a “podcast” refers to episodic content that is usually free to download. Podcasts can be professionally produced–like those from the BBC–or done by amateurs and enthusiasts and cover almost every conceivable topic from current events to sports to comic books and tech. Its name…

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Best Fitness Apps: 5 Apps You 100% Need In Your Life

Losing weight (well, fat) is big business these days. Everybody wants to be a little trimmer or a little buffer. And thanks to all the wonderful tech contained within your smartphone, achieving, logging, and tracking your goals and progress has never been easier. I mean, think about it: you no…

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