Best Diary & Journaling Apps For iPhone (100% FREE)

Journaling – or keeping a diary – is an excellent way to process your thoughts, track progress, and organize your mental output. And now you can do it all on your iPhone with these three awesome diary apps… #1) Day One Journal – Our #1 Pick Day One Journal, for me,…

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How To Quickly Delete Apple Apps From iPhone In 4 Steps

For years iPhone users were stuck with Apple’s default apps. These apps include the likes of Mail, Stocks, Safari, Clock, Compass, Notes, and more. While most people found these apps useful, there were others who wished they could be removed from their iPhones. Well, now you can remove default Apple…

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What Is Reddit? A Definitive Guide (How To Use It)

I’ve been a user of Reddit for a long time now. I love the platform, the way its setup, and the fact you can find a subreddit for just about anything. In 2019, one of the things that regularly blows my mind is that a lot of people I meet or…

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PureVPN is Now 100% NO LOG (FINALLY!)

When you use a VPN, you want to be using a no log VPN provider – VPNs like the ones listed inside our Best VPN Guide. Why? Simple: you don’t want your VPN provider tracking and/or logging what you’re doing. PureVPN has now joined the likes of NordVPN and ExpressVPN…

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Clean Master App For Android: Should You Be Using It?

There are two things that can really slow down our smartphones: system junk and any kind of malicious spyware or adware. That’s why many Android users have resorted to using any one of hundreds of the available utility apps for their smartphone. These utility apps claim to not only speed…

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