Android Apps That KILL Your Battery

Is your Android battery always running out before the end of the day? The following apps may be part of the problem, research has now confirmed the biggest battery draining apps on Google’s platform. AVG researched anonymous data from over 1 million AVG Android app users to find the worst apps…

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The Best Apps For iOS 8 HealthKit

Now that iOS 8 has finally arrived developers are releasing games and apps that support some of the coolest new features of Apple’s latest OS–features like HealthKit, HomeKit, Metal, and Extensibility. In this first part of a series exploring the best apps and games that take advantage of the new…

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How To Remove Podcasts & iBooks Apps From iOS 8

If you’re not a podcast listener or eBook reader there are two apps on Apple iOS 8 products that can really clutter up your device. Quite a few people dislike the Podcasts and iBooks Store applications sitting on their iPhone, but because it comes with the software it’s assumed you…

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The UK’s BEST (and WORST) Banking Apps For iPhone

Back in 2014 I took a look at all of the UK’s major banking apps and rated them from worst to best. But in the time since–as tends to happen with apps–many of them were updated, and some completely revamped, so we felt it was a good time to return…

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iWatch WILL Run Third Party Apps Like Facebook

How will Apple make you WANT the iWatch? Perhaps with third party applications and a dedicated wearables App Store. Apple has reportedly begun seeding the as-yet-unannounced iWatch SDK out to big name developers and social networks like Facebook in a bid to ensure the platform has – at the very least…

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