The Best iMessage Apps For iOS 10

One of the biggest changes in iOS 10 was all the refinements Apple did to its iMessage app. The messaging app now supports rich links, larger emoji’s, animated backgrounds, and even messages you can draw with your finger. But the biggest change of all to iMessage was that Apple turned…

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Say… WHAT! Windows 10 Mobile To Support Android Apps!?

Word on the street suggests Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 platform WILL support Android applications. No, really! According to multiple sources and the Twitterverse, Google will join Microsoft on stage at tomorrow’s big Windows 10 handset reveal. Have Microsoft and Google patched up their differences? Or is this more a case…

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The VERY Best Apple Watch Apps Thus Far

It’s been three years since Apple unveiled the Apple Watch. In that time, Apple’s smartwatch has come to dominate the market. And the company is now on its third-generation Apple Watch, with the fourth likely due out in September. The Apple Watch Series 3 comes in two models: one features…

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The VERY BEST iPhone Podcast Apps

It seems that the 10 year old medium of podcasting might finally be getting the limelight it deserves. For those not in the know a “podcast” refers to episodic content that is usually free to download. Podcasts can be professionally produced–like those from the BBC–or done by amateurs and enthusiasts…

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