The Smartphone Industry Is Fresh Out Of Ideas

This year’s Mobile World Congress proves it In case you hadn’t noticed, the smartphone industry is in decline. Last year, millions of people decided to stick with their current phone and as a result, Q4 2018 was the fifth straight quarter of declining smartphone shipments. The year-long decline was marked at 4…

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Energizer POWER MAX Phone Has An 18,000mAh Battery

We recently reported that battery maker Energizer (or, more accurately, Franch firm Avenir Telecom, which licenses the name) was about to launch a whole host of new phones at Mobile World Congress, and The Verge has been lucky enough to go hands-on with perhaps the most interesting one – and by…

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Good Luck Getting A Galaxy Fold This Year

“This is a super premium device” After months of speculation, Samsung finally lifted the lid on the Galaxy Fold, its entry into the emerging folding phone market. The device will launch alongside the Galaxy S10 range, and Samsung is making sure that people know this is a premium smartphone that…

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Nubia’s Latest Product Is A Phone You Wear

A real smartwatch While the rest of the tech world goes crazy over super-expensive folding phones, Nubia has used this bendy magic in a different field – the smartwatch. It has announced the Nubia Alpha at Mobile World Congress, a curious mix between smartphone and smartwatch which uses a deformable…

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