Pixel 3 Lite Gets Reviewed Even Though It Doesn’t Exist Yet

Google will be happy Google hasn’t announced the Pixel 3 Lite, but that hasn’t stopped a Russian tech blogger from reviewing the new phone. Rozedke’s surprisingly in-depth review is a rather odd beast, as it’s a disarmingly hands-on appraisal of a phone which, in formal terms, at least, doesn’t actually…

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Fortnite On iOS And Android Just Got A Whole Lot Better

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you’ll have heard of a game called Fortnite. It’s the only thing the kids are playing these days, with its infectiously addictive brand of ‘Battle Royale’ online gameplay proving to be a real hit with millions all over…

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Going Hands On With The World’s Best Android Gamepad

Smartphone gaming might not have the best reputation with ‘traditional’ console players, but the quality bar has definitely risen over recent years. Now, people who play on their phones are getting console-quality experiences such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite, while other companies are creating exclusive titles purely for smartphone users…

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OnePlus 6T McLaren Is 2018’s Shock Android Champ

It’s fair to say that on the racetrack, McLaren has seen significantly better days. Once the toast of the F1 paddock, in recent years the team has struggled with performance, engine suppliers and much more besides; in the season just gone, the team spent most of its time at the…

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So Long, Mr. Robot: Is Google Killing Android?

It’s fair to say that much of Google’s recent commercial success is down to Android, the world’s most popular smartphone OS. Since the inception of the operating system over a decade ago, Android has found its way onto millions of devices, cementing Google’s position as one of the influential –…

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