Here’s What Motorola’s Folding Razr Looks Like

Official images apparently leak While Samsung and Huawei are stealing column inches with their respective folding phones, rival firm Motorola has been keeping its cards close to its chest regarding its planning Razr revival, which is rumoured to use a folding screen. Now, it would appear we’ve been given the…

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Doogee S90 Review – The ‘Schwarzenegger’ Phone

The toughest handset ever? While they’re unlikely to turn heads in the same way as the iPhone XS and Galaxy S10, ‘rugged phones’ are popular with a small sector of smartphone consumers, largely due to the fact that they don’t shatter into a million pieces if you look at them…

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The Smartphone Industry Is Fresh Out Of Ideas

This year’s Mobile World Congress proves it In case you hadn’t noticed, the smartphone industry is in decline. Last year, millions of people decided to stick with their current phone and as a result, Q4 2018 was the fifth straight quarter of declining smartphone shipments. The year-long decline was marked at 4…

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