Age Of Empires Coming To iOS, Android & Windows Phone

Age of Empires is one of the most popular video game franchises of all time. The game allows players to dive straight into controlling their very own empire throughout various stages of history and now it’s coming to mobile devices. At some point this summer, Age of Empires World Domination…

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Android 4.5 Leak Shows Off Major Redesign

Last year Apple released iOS 7 which brought about the “flat” user interface design. Since then it’s spread like wildfire and even Samsung took the idea for its new TouchWiz interface, which is now available on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and some of its tablets. Rumour now suggest Android itself…

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iTunes App For Android On The Cards, Apparently

Google services are readily available on Android. Google Now, Gmail, Maps and even Play Movies can be downloaded, installed and viewed on iPhones and iPads. Up to now, Apple has done its best to keep its ecosystem exclusive – but all this could be about to change. According to Billboard,…

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