OnePlus One Android 4.4.4 Update Now Rolling Out

OnePlus is still having a bit of a to-do with regards to getting its OnePlus One handset into the hands of consumers, but at least those that managed to snag a handset are now up and running on the latest build of Android KitKat version 4.4.4.  OnePlus has confirmed the…

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10 Android Launchers To Cure Those Fragmentation Blues

The great thing about Android (as opposed to, say, iOS) is the level of control and customization you have across the OS. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to be said for a clean, consistent, and beautiful interface like Apple provides, but it’s also nice to mix things up…

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Sony PlayStation TV vs Android TV: Gaming Without A Console

TV is changing, no more waiting around for repeats on a Sunday evening, it’s all about on demand content. Google jumped right into claim the space with the cheap and successful Chromecast streaming dongle. It now seems like Chromecast was only the beginning – Android TV is coming and it…

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“HTC A11” Is Company’s First 64-Bit Android

The upcoming Android L update, scheduled to land inside Q4, adds in – among other things – support for 64-bit architecture. And chipsets like the Tegra K1 and Snapdragon 810 will be just two of the new SoCs that’ll be utilising the switch in 2014/15. With this in mind it’s no surprise that…

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How To Get The Most Recent Facebook Feed On iOS & Android

Facebook is always updating. Every month or so Facebook brings in a new UI overhaul that throws all your favourite features into a different position and makes it a pain to find. When you’re on Facebook, as a default, it will tailor your news feed to the most popular posts…

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