Nokia E1 & Nokia 6 Android Phones LEAK

Not one, but TWO of the forthcoming Nokia (HMD) Android handsets have leaked over the weekend; the Nokia E1, which is a lower-spec, entry level model, AND the Nokia 6; which features a metal body and gives us plenty of indications of what to expect from the new Nokia devices,…

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Android Phones With MASSIVE Battery Life: My Picks For 2018

We tested a lot of phones in 2016. Most of them, particularly the flagships, were solid handsets with great specs and features. They have brilliant cameras, bright displays and many, many bells and whistles as well as useful software that is designed to make your life easier, better connected, and…

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Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus Finally Joins Android MEGA-MEMORY-PARTY

Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus ships with 3GB of RAM, just 1GB shy of what’s inside the current 9.7in iPad Pro model Apple’s always been a bit conservative when it comes to memory. iPhones for the longest time shipped with 1GB of RAM, while its Android counterparts were adding in silly…

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Sony Xperia XR & Xperia Compact Android Phones Landing At IFA 2016

With Samsung side-stepping this year’s IFA expo by having already launched the Galaxy Note 7 at its own dedicated event in New York, the Berlin-based convention seems to be taking a turn back towards non-mobile products as the main emphasis. Major smartphone makers will be in attendance of course, but…

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No Android 7 Update For Nexus 5 But The Handset Will LIVE ON

The Nexus 5 is one of the most popular Nexus releases ever. Period. No other handset in Google’s range of smartphones comes close. Not the Nexus 6P. Not the Nexus 4. And not even the soon-to-be-announced Nexus 2016 phones. And now the handset, after three years of service, is DEAD.…

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