The ONLY Antivirus For Android App You’ll EVER Need

Android isn’t quite as secure as iOS. Every month, it seems, we here about new malware that is designed to target Android phones – most of which are running older versions of Android. The fragmented nature of Android, where millions of handsets run different versions of the OS, make it difficult…

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The 5 Best Android P Features COMING In 2018

Google has officially unveiled the next version of its Android mobile operating system. Right now the new OS is simply called “Android P” but you can expect it to get a cuter name later this year when it’s released to the public. Google has a history of naming Android after…

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What is Android? A Brief History of The World’s #1 Mobile OS

A lot people know all about Android, iOS and Windows Phone – and BlackBerry 10, too. But there are some, outside the fast-paced world of technology, unsure about what any of these words actually mean. For instance, I recently passed an iPhone on to my mum and the first thing she asked,…

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What Android Phone Should YOU Buy In 2018?

When it comes to Android phones, you’re kind of spoilt for choice in 2018. The Q1 update cycle is now well underway, following MWC, and this presents you with some new options. The most notable of which is Samsung’s new Galaxy S9. But that handset isn’t the only game in…

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