Beats Powerbeats Pro Review – So Long, AirPods

When you think Apple and wireless headphones, the iconic AirPods spring instantly to mind – but it’s important to remember that the company also owns Beats, the headphone firm established by the rapper Dr. Dre and purchased by Apple for $3 billion in 2014. Up until now, Beats has been…

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Apple’s AirPods 2 vs Apple’s Beats Powerbeats Pro

Apple’s wireless earbuds face off against each other! When you think of Apple’s wireless earbuds you almost certainly think of Apple’s sleek AirPods. But the company actually makes another entirely different kind of wireless earbuds. As some know, Apple owns the Beats brand of audio accessories. The company acquired Beats…

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Best Samsung Galaxy S10e Cases

Covering up the little guy The Samsung Galaxy S10e is the cheapest of the three S10 models, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be any less protective of it. A sleek, pocket-sized piece of technological loveliness, Samsung’s ‘entry-level’ flagship may lack some of the selling points of its bigger brothers,…

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Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Cases

Your phone needs a case, and here are the best ones What’s the first thing you buy after investing in an expensive smartphone? If you’re of a sane mind, then the answer to that question has to be ‘a case’. Modern smartphones are metal and glass affairs these days, and…

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