Here’s a complete guide to all the current plans available at Ultra Mobile as well as an overview of why you might want to make the switch…

🗝️ Key Takeaways: Best Ultra Mobile Plans – Editor’s Picks

🌐 Unlimited Plan ($49/mo):

  • 📶 Data: Generous 40GB of 5G – 4G LTE Data, perfect for heavy internet users.
  • 🌍 International Perks: Monthly $5 international call credit plus unlimited talk & text to over 80 international destinations.
  • 📱 Roaming: One-time $5 INTL roaming credit, great for travelers.
  • 💬 Best For: Ideal for those needing extensive data and international communication.

💡 6GB Plan ($29/mo):

  • 📶 Data: Adequate 6GB of 5G – 4G LTE Data, suited for moderate internet usage.
  • 🌍 International Features: Monthly $5 international call credit and unlimited talk & text to more than 80 countries.
  • 📱 Roaming: Comes with a one-time $5 INTL roaming credit.
  • 💬 Best For: Perfect for users who want balanced data usage with international calling benefits.

Both plans offer exceptional value in their respective categories, catering to heavy data users and users that want to stay connected but do not use a lot of data. For more options, check out Ultra Mobile’s other plans below.

When it comes to data and carrier plans, things can get downright confusing. 

Do you pay mega bucks and go with one of the big boys like Verizon or T-Mobile? 

Or, do you save yourself some money and go with an MVNO carrier like Mint Mobile or Ultra Mobile? 

MVNO carriers offer data and plans that are orders of magnitude cheaper than proper carriers like AT&T and Verizon. 

And most of the time, there isn’t even a catch. Sure, Verizon bolts on extras like free access to streaming services and whatnot. 

But if what you want is cheaper data, cheaper monthly costs, and fast and reliable connectivity, switching to an MVNO is one of the smartest moves you’ll make all year. 

This guide delves deep into the various plans offered by Ultra Mobile, one of the fastest growing MVNO carriers in the US.

Below, we’ll highlight all of Ultra Mobile’s plans, their respective benefits, and the value they bring to the table, especially for those with a penchant for international communication.

Let’s dig in…

Ultra Mobile Overview

The Best Ultra Mobile Plans: A Complete Guide [2023]Pin

How does a new(ish) MVNO carrier stand out from the crowd? 

It’s hard, right? Finding a niche that isn’t already exploited by either one of the big box carriers or another MVNO is next to impossible. 

Especially when carriers like Mint Mobile and VISIBLE are already offering very competitive prices for their data plans. 

Well, Ultra Mobile has one very unique selling point (USP) that no other carrier, large or small, has: 

All of its plans come teeming with unlimited international calling options.

It also caters to the needs of all types of user with flexible plan lengths. You have options for 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and 12-month plans.

And, best of all, there’s no contracts. If time’s are tight, go on a month by month basis. But if you’re looking to lock down some real value for money, look into its 6-month and 12-month plans. This is where the big savings happen.

Ultra Mobile Plans: A Deep Dive 🥽

The prices listed below are for Ultra Mobile’s one month plans. But if you go for a 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month plan, you can save even more on your monthly bills. 

Talk & Text Plan ($15/mo):

  • 250MB of 5G – 4G LTE Data
  • Unlimited nationwide talk & text
  • Unlimited talk & text to 80+ international destinations
  • 3GB plans and higher for Mexico and Canada

3GB Plan ($19/mo):

  • 3GB of 5G – 4G LTE Data
  • Monthly $1.50 international call credit
  • One-Time $5 international roaming credit
  • Unlimited talk & text to 80+ international destinations
  • One time $5 INTL roaming credit

5GB Plan ($24/mo):

  • 5GB of 5G – 4G LTE Data
  • Monthly $1.5 international call credit
  • One time $5 INTL roaming credit

6GB Plan ($29/mo):

  • 6GB of 5G – 4G LTE Data
  • Monthly $5 international call credit
  • One time $5 INTL roaming credit
  • Unlimited talk & text to 80+ international destinations

15GB Plan ($39/mo):

  • 15GB of 5G – 4G LTE Data
  • Monthly $5 international call credit
  • Unlimited talk & text to 80+ international destinations
  • One time $5 INTL roaming credit

Unlimited Plan ($49/mo):

  • 40GB of 5G – 4G LTE Data
  • Monthly $5 international call credit
  • Unlimited talk & text to 80+ international destinations
  • One time $5 INTL roaming credit

How do the 3 month, 6 month, and 12 month plans compare? Here’s a table to show you the difference in savings when you commit to a longer plan with Ultra Mobile.

Ultra Mobile Plans: Monthly Cost Comparison

Plan NameOne Month3 Months (Per Month)6 Months (Per Month)12 Months (Per Month)
Talk & Text Plan$15$13$11$10
2GB Plan$19$10$10$10
6GB Plan$29$20$20$20
15GB Plan$39$36$35$30
Unlimited Plan$49$46$45$40

Total Cost for Plan Duration

Plan NameThree MonthsSix MonthsTwelve Months
Talk & Text Plan$39$66$120
2GB Plan$30$60$120
6GB Plan$60$120$240
15GB Plan$108$210$360
Unlimited Plan$138$270$480

International Features

Ultra Mobile’s plans are a boon for international communicators, offering unlimited talk and text to over 90 international destinations.

The “Call Me Free” feature is revolutionary, allowing friends and family to call Ultra Mobile numbers as local calls.

For those seeking more, uTalk provides up to 1,250 bonus minutes for an additional $10/month in 39 select international destinations, and UpRoam offers up to $20 in International Roaming credit.

Additional Features & Benefits

Ultra Mobile goes beyond connectivity with free mobile hotspot, 3-in-1 SIM Card or eSIM, and free Wi-Fi Calling.

The provider allows users to bring their own phones with free shipping or instant eSIM digital delivery.

The no-contract policy and a variety of data amounts make it a versatile choice for diverse needs, especially for those making international calls to over 80 countries.

Why Choose Ultra Mobile?

  • 🌐 International Connectivity: Ultra Mobile stands out with its unlimited international calling options, making it a prime choice for those who communicate across borders regularly.
  • 📱 Diverse Plans: Whether it’s the 3GB Plan for light users or the Unlimited Plan for heavy surfers, there’s a plan for everyone, each offering a slew of benefits and international call credits.
  • 💰 Value for Money: With plans starting at $10/mo and a plethora of features, Ultra Mobile offers unparalleled value, especially for those seeking international features.
  • 🔄 Flexibility & Convenience: The ability to bring your own phone, coupled with no contracts or commitments, makes Ultra Mobile a hassle-free option. The easy activation and the option to keep or change your number add to the convenience.

Should You Switch To Ultra Mobile?

Consider a professional who frequently interacts with clients from various international destinations. The unlimited talk and text to over 90 international destinations, coupled with the “Call Me Free” feature, would be invaluable, eliminating the barriers of international communication.

The diverse plan options allow such professionals to choose a plan that aligns with their data consumption and international communication needs, ensuring they only pay for what they use.

Final Thoughts…

Ultra Mobile, with its diverse plans and international calling features, is a formidable choice for those seeking flexibility and international connectivity.

The provider’s commitment to value, convenience, and user-centric features makes it a standout option in the prepaid cell phone plan market.

Whether you are a light user or a data enthusiast, Ultra Mobile has a plan tailored for your needs, ensuring you stay connected, wherever you are.

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