You’ve heard about the cheap plans, the build your own plans, and the fact that it runs on T-Mobile’s rapid 4G/5G network. But is Tello Mobile available in your area? For that we’ll need to consult its coverage map…

Tello Mobile Coverage Stats 🌐

Tello Mobile is an MVNO and it runs on T-Mobile’s network, so its coverage is very good. Here’s a quick breakdown of what you need to know about Tello Mobile’s coverage in the USA.


  1. Urban and Suburban Areas: T-Mobile provides excellent 4G LTE coverage in cities and suburbs.
  2. 5G Network: About 30% of the US population, mainly in big cities and along highways, is covered by T-Mobile’s 5G network.
  3. Low-Band 5G: This technology offers broader reach, even inside buildings, across a wider area but with slightly slower speeds.


  1. Rural Areas: T-Mobile’s coverage can be less reliable in rural regions, with possible slow speeds and dropped calls.
  2. Mountainous Regions: In areas with mountains, the network signal might weaken, affecting calls and internet.

In summary, Tello Mobile offers strong coverage in populated areas and has a growing 5G presence, but there are some limitations in rural and mountainous areas, and during busy times.

If you’re thinking of making the switch to Tello Mobile but you want to make sure coverage is decent in your area, you can use this handy tool. 

Just enter your address and it’ll detail exactly how good Tello’s coverage is in your specific area. And if you need to know the ins and outs of using Tello Mobile’s network, make sure you check out our review.

For the most part, if you live in a major town or city you should be covered, more or less. Tello runs on T-Mobile’s network which is well known for its speed and reach across the USA.

It can get a little spotty in more rural areas, but that’s the case for nearly all carriers, MVNO or otherwise. This was actually one of the main reasons why Apple introduced its Satellite-powered SOS feature inside the iPhone 14 series.

As always, though, it does make sense to check first. You don’t want to sign up and then find out you can only get 3G in your area. That would suck. 

PROS and CONS of Using MVNO Carriers

Tello Mobile Coverage Map: Is Your Area Covered?Pin

Understanding MVNOs 📡

  1. Utilizes T-Mobile’s Network 📶: Tello Mobile, an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), doesn’t own a network but operates on T-Mobile’s network, known for its speed and coverage in the USA.
  2. Lower Operating Costs 💸: Without the burden of maintaining a vast network infrastructure, Tello’s operational expenses are reduced.
  3. Passing Savings to Customers 💰: The lower costs enable Tello to offer more affordable plans compared to larger carriers like T-Mobile itself.
  4. Caveat: Data Speeds and Usage ⚠️:
  5. Data Cap 📉: Tello caps data speeds after 35GB for the Unlimited Data Plan.

As an MVNO, Tello Mobile doesn’t have its own network in place. Instead, it runs on T-Mobile’s which is lauded as one of the fastest and in the USA. 

This is a good thing. Another good thing? Because Tello Mobile doesn’t have to deal with large scale investment in infrastructure and maintaining a huge, sprawling network of towers and base stations, its operating costs are lower. 

And this means it can pass the savings on to you. This is why MVNO carriers (like Mint Mobile and Ultra Mobile) are cheaper than the proper carriers they run on, like T-Mobile. 

Plans and Services

Tello Mobile offers a variety of cell phone plans to fit different needs and budgets. With no contracts or hidden fees, customers can enjoy affordable plans with flexible options.

Tello Mobile Plans Overview 📱

  • Economy Plan 💰 – $9/month
    • Data: 1GB at 4G LTE/5G speeds.
    • Features: Unlimited talk and texts.
  • Value Plan 🏅 – $10/month
    • Data: 2GB at 4G LTE/5G speeds.
    • Features: Unlimited talk and texts.
  • Smart Plan 🧠 – $14/month
    • Data: 5GB at 4G LTE/5G speeds.
    • Features: Unlimited talk and texts.
  • Unlimited Plan 🌐 – $25/month
    • Data: 35 GB at 4G LTE/5G speeds.
    • Features: Unlimited talk and texts.

Each plan is designed to cater to different data needs while providing the convenience of unlimited talk and text. You can check out all the current options here.

Wrapping Up

Tello Mobile Coverage Map: Is Your Area Covered?Pin

As noted above, if all you need and/or want is cheap, reliable data and access to 5G and 4G, then Tello Mobile is going to be well worth a look. 

You’ll pay around 80% less per month than you would with a carrier like T-Mobile or Verizon and for most people, that’s enough of a PRO to outweigh the CONS. 


What network does Tello Mobile utilize for coverage?

Tello Mobile utilizes the T-Mobile network for coverage. This means that Tello Mobile customers have access to T-Mobile’s extensive nationwide network, which covers over 98% of the U.S. population.

Can I check Tello Mobile’s coverage for a specific address?

Yes, you can check Tello Mobile’s coverage for a specific address using their GSM Coverage Map. The map allows you to enter multiple addresses or ZIP codes to check the areas where you live, work, and play. The icons in green will show the expected coverage in that location (outdoors, indoor residential, etc.) for certain device types.

How does Tello Mobile’s coverage compare with major carriers?

Tello Mobile’s coverage is comparable to major carriers like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. However, since Tello Mobile is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator), their coverage may not be as extensive as the major carriers in some areas. It is recommended that you check Tello Mobile’s coverage map to ensure that their coverage meets your needs.

Are there any roaming options available with Tello Mobile plans?

No, Tello Mobile does not offer any roaming options with their plans. This means that if you travel outside of Tello Mobile’s coverage area, you will not be able to use your phone.

What should I expect from Tello Mobile’s coverage in rural areas?

Tello Mobile’s coverage in rural areas may be limited, as is the case with most carriers. However, since Tello Mobile utilizes the T-Mobile network, their coverage in rural areas may be better than some other carriers.

How frequently is the Tello Mobile coverage map updated?

Tello Mobile’s coverage map is updated on a regular basis to ensure that it reflects the most up-to-date information about their coverage. However, it is important to note that coverage can change over time, so it is always a good idea to check the coverage map before making any decisions about your phone service.

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