Where To Find The Best Wallpapers For Your Smartphone


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I remember when the iPhone first came out you weren’t able to personalize its background wallpaper–you were stuck with the default black background. Matter of fact, one of the distinguishing features of the first Android smartphones was the ability to set a custom wallpaper. Thankfully, Apple changed their stance on the matter and nowadays any smartphone you buy can be customized with any background you want. Many times we’ll use our own photos as our backgrounds, but that’s only one option. A whole host of apps and websites have sprung up that allow you to download beautiful wallpaper backgrounds. These are our favorites.



This is a terrific app for Android and iOS. It features over 200,000 wallpapers across a myriad variety of categories including Anime, Cars, Games, Movies, Music and more. The iOS version of the app now also supports iMessage stickers while the Android version of the app even includes support for Android Wear. And not only can you search by categories, you can search by colors and tags–making finding the perfect wallpaper you want easy.



Another great Android app is Backgrounds (HD Wallpapers). This app has a great layout and features not only HD wallpapers, but live wallpapers as well. Categories include Nature, Cool, Abstract, Love, Design, Pets & Animals, Entertainment, Festivals and more. You can also search by tags, popularity, and themes.

Android Wallpapers


This website doesn’t offer as many wallpapers as some apps, but the quality of the wallpapers it top notch. Currently, they have a collection of 2158 free high-quality Android wallpapers. Categories include Abstract, Cartoons, Celebs, Logos, and more.

The Matrixer

This is a niche site. It’s so niche, they only have 81 wallpapers, but they are beautiful in their design. All wallpapers are 1080 x 1920 so they will look crisp on almost all modern smartphones.


Another great place to find smartphone wallpapers online is Reddit. There’s a great subreddit called reddit.com/r/MobileWallpaper/ where people post their favorite finds. This subreddit isn’t only good for finding gems, but for helping you identify which artist or site a wallpaper you’ve come across has come from.



Another great site that bills itself for iPhone wallpapers. The site has over 5000 beautiful high-quality wallpapers. It should be noted that though many wallpaper sites bill themselves as for Android or iPhone, a wallpaper is a wallpaper–aka: just an image file. And any image file can be set as the wallpaper on any smartphone regardless of the brand.

Google Images

A fantastic site to find wallpapers for your smartphone is Google Images. Simply go to https://images.google.com and Google “smartphone wallpapers” and you’ll find a virtually unlimited number of them formatted for your smartphone screen. Try more advanced searches to narrow down the type of wallpaper you want, such as “Black Panther wallpaper”. Then just download the image to your phone and use the walloper settings to set that image as the default wallpaper.

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