The Best iMessage Apps For iOS 10


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One of the biggest changes in iOS 10 was all the refinements Apple did to its iMessage app. The messaging app now supports rich links, larger emoji’s, animated backgrounds, and even messages you can draw with your finger. But the biggest change of all to iMessage was that Apple turned the app itself into an app platform. That’s right: in iOS 10 you can install special apps within iMessage that allow you to use them inside the app–and even play in-app games against your friends. Even though iOS 10 has been available for less than a week, there are a ton of great iMessage apps already available. Here are our top favorites so far.

Genius: Song Lyrics + Music Knowledge (free)


This awesome iMessage app lets you send photo images with song lyrics overplayed on top of them. Preselected lyrics show up with the singer’s picture or a stylized background, while the app also has the ability to search for songs and they copy and past a lyric and add your own image as a background.

Airbnb (free)


Planning a trip with friends can be a hassle when you are deciding where to stay. But the new Airbnb iMessage app makes it much easier. Use it to browse for available rooms then when you find a place you like, send the listing to your iMessage friend with a tap. If they like it you can then book the place. Or, if you are sending the listing to a group conversation, all members will be able to vote on listings so you can easily see which one most people like best.

PAC-MAN Moving Stickers (free)


Besides apps and games, iMessage now supports sticker packs in iOS 10. One of our favorite ones are the official Pac-Man moving stickers. The animated stickers allow ghosts to run wild in your messages and also make it look like Pac-Man is eating the text you write.

GIF Keyboard (free)


GIF Keyboard has long been a popular iOS app, but now with its free iMessage app, all of its functionalities are baked right into iOS’s messenger. You can send thousands of GIFs with the tap of a button as well as create your own animated stickers, and even send full-screen animated reactions.

ETA – Your Driving And Public Transit Assistant (£2.29)


ETA is a great app that allows you to quickly send your estimated time of arrival to a single friend or group of friends. The app allows you to send your ETA from saved locations or your current location and will provide individual ETa’s based on your mode of transportation: walking, driving, and public transportation. Better yet, with a simple tap friend can send their ETA back to you too.

Circle Pay (free)


Circle Pay is an awesome app that allows you to send and receive money right through iMessage–with no fees! Simply take a picture of your debit card and you are all set up. Then from inside a conversation tap the Circle Pay button, select how much money you want to send and on your friend’s end, all they need to do is tap the message to have the funds deposited in their current account! It’s a great app for splitting the tab on a night out.

Grammar Snob (£0.79)


Grammar Snob is a fun app that inserts red correction notes into iMessages. You can use them to help/annoy your friends by pointing out their spelling and grammar mistakes in the most obtrusive way possible. It’s a clever app and one well suited to the world of abbreviated texting shorthand we live in today.

Truth Truth Lie (free)


Truth Truth Lie is a fun iMessage game to play with your friends. The app lets you record three ten second videos per session in which you are supposed to speak to truths about yourself and one lie. The videos are then sent to your friend in the conversation and then need to pick the one that is a lie. The fun game lets you discover how well your iMessage buddies really know you.

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