The 5 Best iPhone Apps For Customizing The iOS 14 Home Screen In 2020 – Widgets Everywhere!

iOS 14 has been released and the breakout feature is, without a doubt, home screen widgets. We’ve told you how to use iOS 14’s new widgets on your iPhone before.

They are great little “mini apps” that allow you to see quick app information right on your home screen without needing to launch the app itself.

However, home screen widgets have become a smash hit on social media.

Why? Because with the right apps, you can use widgets to radically alter the appearance of your iOS 14 iPhone home screen.

Matter of fact, the big trend on Twitter and other social media platforms is showing off your new iOS 14 home screen designs. For example, just take a look at these tweets:

What’s amazing is all those iPhone users radically altered their iPhone home screen without jailbreaking their iPhones. Yep, they did ALL that just by using iOS 14’s new widget features and the right apps. What right apps are those, you ask? Check out the five best home screen widget apps to help radically alter your iPhone’s home screen in 2020 below.



  • The app’s official description: Widgetsmith lets you personalize your home screen like never before. It starts with a wide collection of highly customizable widgets, which range in function from date, to weather, to astronomy. Each can be adjusted precisely to best fit your desired function and appearance. This set of widgets can then be dynamically scheduled to appear on your home screen following rules you define. For example, a particular widget could show the weather first thing in the morning, then your calendar during your work day, then switch to your Activity ring progress as you wrap up your day. This lets you take full advantage of each slot on your home screen.
  • What it does: This is THE app that got the widget home screen trend started. It’s one of the most powerful apps out there that let you customize iOS 14 home screen widgets.
  • How to get it: iOS

Color Widgets


  • The app’s official description: Color Widgets lets you add stylish widgets directly onto your home screen! Choose from premade widget designs, or better yet, make your own. Color Widgets is perfect for customizing and styling your home screen. HUNDREDS OF WIDGETS
    There are hundreds of design options to make your best possible widget. DESIGN YOUR OWN WIDGET. With Color Widgets, you can freely edit the widgets font, theme color, or even the background color.
  • What it does: This app is the one most people use to get the perfect color set for their widgets. The color customization of the widgets work great if you want the perfect color scheme to go along with your home screen wallpaper.
  • How to get it: iOS

Photo Widget : Simple


  • The app’s official description: Photo Widget is a home screen widget that applies from iOS14.
    It is an app that makes photos you want into widgets of the size you want. You can register up to 30 photos, and after a certain period of time, the following photo will be displayed. Photo Widget supports three widget sizes.
  • What it does: This app allows you to create photo widgets on your home screen. Use it to keep a pic of your family–or your favorite pop star right on your home screen.
  • How to get it: iOS

Motivation – Daily quotes


  • The app’s official description: Whether you’re going through hard times, need an extra push to get stuff done, or like sharing inspirational quotes in social media, Motivation has you covered. Positive reminders are one of the simplest and most powerful tools for mental growth. It’s all about keeping the right thoughts top of mind from the get-go every day, so they’re readily available on those hard days when you need them most. Customize the design of the quotes and share the uplifting message of the day with your friends, or use the image for Instagram or as a wallpaper. The app includes a wide range of topics such as self-esteem, relationships and dealing with stress, as well as a selection of carefully designed themes to choose from – updated frequently.
  • What it does: This great app allows you to put motivational widgets right on your home screen.
  • How to get it: iOS

Photobox Widget


  • The app’s official description: Customize a photo for your Home Screen. Choose your image. Choose your size. Create a personalized message. Preview the widget, and its sizes.
  • What it does: Lets you keep photos on our home screen.
  • How to get it: iOS

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