The 5 Best iPhone Apps For Babies & Toddlers In 2020

No, we don’t think your toddler is rocking an iPhone. But that’s not to say that your iPhone can’t come in use as far as your baby is concerned. That’s because there is a wealth of rich, interactive apps that can keep your baby entertained for hours.

And not just entertained. All of the apps in this list are based around helping your baby and toddler progress through their young lives, whether that by helping them with their numbers, soothing them, or engaging their creative side from an early age. And yeah, we admit it, many of these apps can help quiet your bundle of joy by distracting them when you just need a little R&R.

Here are 5 of the best iPhone apps for babies and toddlers in 2020.

Friendly Shapes Storybook

Friendly Shapes StorybookPin

  • The app’s official description: In this rich and interactive educational game, everything is alive – touch any scenery object or any of the leading characters to see what they can do. Join Circle as he sets off one morning to find his friend, Star. Circle meets many more shapes along the way who aid him in his quest!
  • What it does: This app has it all: an engaging interface and imitations that help your toddler learn their shapes, colors, and ABCs. A particularly cool mini-game in this app is Tangram, a puzzle game will turn your kid’s favorite shapes into their favorite animal.
  • How to get it: iOS

Feed Animals

Feed AnimalsPin

  • The app’s official description: Build a doghouse, sort food, hatch eggs, feed a horse, shear a sheep, wash a pig, create your own sticker farm, and much more. My Felt Farm is a wonderful mixture of education and fun. A great way to spark children’s love of learning and foster their curiosity about the natural world!
  • What it does: We’re wild about the art direction in this game. All the animals looked like they’re hand-stitched bundles of plush joy. There are over a dozen games in this farm-based setting that cover everything from counting to memory practice.
  • How to get it: iOS

The Wheels On The Bus Musical

The Wheels On The Bus MusicalPin

  • The app’s official description: Enjoy the classic song, The Wheels on the Bus, with your little ones! With 11 beautiful and colorful verses filled with fun interactions, your children will play and learn at the same time! The 10 different games in the app provide hours of entertainment in which your children will not only have fun, but also develop their, memory, logic and fine motor skills. Wheels on the Bus is an intuitive and child friendly app filled with positive affirmation designed to boost self esteem and stimulate your child’s imagination.
  • What it does: Yeah, you probably can say “the wheels on the bus” without hearing the tune in your head. This entire app is based around that classic song, which features not only active singalongs but ten different games featuring educational entertainment.
  • How to get it: iOS

123 Toddler Games

123 Toddler GamesPin

  • The app’s official description: Welcome to ToyaTap 123 camp! here you child will learn about numbers and quantities while engaging in outdoor activities! This game is designed to help your child gradually acquire and advance essential foundations of mathematics and early math concepts. This game develops a sense for numbers, counting and the relationship between numbers and quantities. It is a fun and engaging way to develop mathematical skills and confidence.
  • What it does: If you’re looking for an iPhone app to solely help your child learn to count, look no further than this one. The app has a ton of different game boards that might help your little one become a baby genius in no time.
  • How to get it: iOS

KidloLand Kids ABC Games Songs

KidloLand Kids ABC Games SongsPin

  • The app’s official description: KidloLand is an award-winning learning program for kids (1-8 yrs). Discover 3000+ educational songs, baby games, stories, nursery rhymes & activities about Early Learning, Math, Reading, Writing, Coding & more! Your kids will learn & develop new skills every day. Join over 1 Million happy families worldwide!
  • What it does: KidloLand is, quite simply, one of the most packed baby apps we’ve ever seen. It’s packed with hundreds of games to engage your baby and toddler no matter their mood.
  • How to get it: iOS

Michael Grothaus

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