Palm Pre owners download a million apps


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Palm Pre owners haven’t been shy in downloading apps since the handset launched just 18 days ago, having racked up up more than one million downloads already.

The figures were published by analytics company Medialets and also reveal that 100,000 of those downloads were on the first day alone.

Die-hard iPhone fanatics will be quick to point out that the iTunes app store reached one million downloads during only the first day; but that was with 26 times the Pre’s userbase, and 480 apps, rather than the 30 that are currently on the Pre store today.

The figures also show that the average Pre app customer has downloaded 26 times the number of apps that an iPhone user downloads.

We’re fans of both devices here, and ultimately competition and diversity should result in a win-win situation, so it’s good to see the webOS-powered Pre growing a loyal userbase so soon.

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