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Read all the latest apps reviews and news, including guides to the best iPhone apps and the best Android apps. From cooking and dating apps to fitness and finance applications, our app guides have got you covered. We’ll show what the best new apps are and how to use them like a pro.

The Best iPhone Apps

Apps are what make your iPhone useful. With a solid array of apps installed on your iPhone, you can pretty much do anything you like with your phone – from working out to running a business and even dating.

We cover all the latest iPhone apps and show you how to use them. From dating apps like Tinder to finance apps like Plum and Nutmeg, we produce detailed content around each full of tips and tricks on how to best use them.

Apple’s App Store is jam-packed with a myriad of applications and games. You also have things like Apple’s Arcade to consider too. The app market is always growing, so you always have new options and applications to try out on your iPhone.

If you like to discover new apps for your iPhone, we got you covered. Our expert team tests hundreds of apps every year, from new dating apps to enterprise applications like Slack, Teams, and Google Workspace.

The Best Android Apps

Android phones get their applications from the Google Play Store. Like Apple’s App Store, the Google Play Store is packed with a huge amount of Android apps, games, and additional content like magazines and other media content.

Finding the best Android apps amongst the millions of apps available inside of Google Play is super-tricky, especially when new applications are released every single day. This is where we come in.

Best App Guides (iPhone & Android)

Need some help finding the best apps for your phone? Check out some of our detailed app guides below:

Finding New Apps To Use

We cover all the latest and coolest new Android apps. We’ll help you discover new Android apps, ranging from things like meditation apps to fitness and dating, as well as VPNs, that are simple to use and will aid make your phone more and more useful.

Phone App Tutorials

Want to learn how to use Tinder? Need advice on how to save money and invest money on your phone? Looking for the best step counter app? This is the kind of stuff we’re here to help with. ‘

Our team of expert writers test and use hundreds of apps every single year, apps for iPhone and Android, and then publish detailed guides on how to use these apps in your everyday life.

From dating apps like Tinder and OK Cupid to fitness apps like Google Fit and financial apps like Nutmeg and Plum, we provide expertly crafted, detailed tutorial posts on how to use complex applications, and even simple ones that you can use to edit photos and videos.

If you want to learn more about using apps, find new apps, and get more from your mobile phone, this section is designed for you.


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