How To See Which Facebook Apps Access Your Data


As the Facebook–Cambridge Analytic scandal enters its third week, the #DeleteFacebook campaign is gaining momentum.

And now big brands are joining in.

Last Friday, Elon Musk’s Tesla and SpaceX deleted their Facebook pages, and only this week Playboy announced it was deleting all of its Facebook pages.

The Facebook–Cambridge Analytic scandal is complex, but the simplified version of it is Facebook allows third-party apps to harvest user data when a user subscribes to those apps.

But the user data Cambridge Analytica obtained via a third-party app didn’t only contain information about the users who allowed the app to access its data.

That app also passed on information about the friends of the users who opted into the app.

That means at least 50 million Facebook users had their data given to Cambridge Analytic without their permission.

And therein lies the problem: even if you don’t opt into sharing your information with a third-party Facebook app, that doesn’t mean the app’s developers won’t get information about you.

All they need to do is have a friend opt-in and in many instances, they get data about all of that user’s friends as well. Of course, you can’t stop your friends from using third-party Facebook apps, but you can review all the apps that have access to your Facebook data and cut them off.

All you need to do is follow the steps we’ve outlined below.

#1 – Log into your Facebook account.

#2 – Click the down arrow in the upper-right-hand corner to show the menu option.
Click “Settings”.

#3 – On the Setting page, click “Apps” from the sidebar. On this page, you’ll find a list of all the third-party apps you’ve logged into using your Facebook account. The word “apps” here can be a bit misleading, as this list includes websites that you’ve loved into using your Facebook account. No matter if it’s app or website, logging into one gives that entity access to your Facebook data.

#4 – Next to each app, you’ll see a pencil and an X icon. These let you see and edit the data an app has access to or cut off the app’s access to that data. Click the pencil to see an edit the data an app has access to.

#5 – As you can see, some apps have access to a scary amount of data about you. To limit this data gathering by the app without deleting the entire app, uncheck any of the blue buttons next to the data.


#6 – But if you don’t want to just remove the app’s access to some of your data, and cut it off entirely, from the Settings>Apps screen click the X button next to the app.

#7 – A popup window will appear asking you if you are sure you want to remove the app. If the app has the ability to post to your Facebook timeline on your behalf, you’ll also be presented with a checkbox you should check if you want to delete all of the app’s posts.


#8 – Now, click Remove and you’ll have cut the app’s access to your Facebook data off for good.

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