How to retrieve lost apps for free on your LG Optimus 2X


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Have you ever accidentally removed an application from your phone? There are many ways it can happen and it’s always a mini-panic-attack-inducing moment when you realize you’ve lost something – especially if it’s an app you’ve paid for.

However, if you do find yourself in this predicament, please try to avoid a shock-inspired repurchase. Instead, follow these quick and easy steps to re-download your lost applications for free.

  1. Navigate to the Android Market application and launch the Market
  2. Press the Menu button and select Downloads
  3. Scroll through your list of downloaded applications until you find the one that you are looking for (any paid applications should show “Purchased” next to them)
  4. Once you’ve found your lost application, just re-download it as you did the first time

That’s it! This also works for free applications as well, of course. Your download history is saved in the market to provide easy access to all your applications if needed.

Another handy use for this is freeing up device memory. If there’s an application that you use occasionally, but you don’t want it taking up your device’s on-board memory when you aren’t using it, simply remove it and re-download when you need it through this process.

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