Smartphones have great cameras, but with these AWESOME photography apps at your disposal, your pictures will look even better…


Quick Guide: Best Photography Apps 📱

  1. Afterlight – Super-Useful After-Effects Lighting Tool
  2. Snapseed – Fully-Fledged Editing Suite (Basically, It’s Like 6 Apps In One)
  3. VSCO – Another Great Editing App For iPad & iPhone
  4. Lens Distortions – This App Adds Natural Effects To Images (Lens Flare, Rain, Fog)
  5. Enlight – One of The Best Image Transforming Tools For iPhone. Period.
  6. TouchRetouch – Quickly & Easily Removes Unwanted Things From Images
  7. Adobe Lightroom – Photoshop-Lite, Just For The iPhone & iPad
  8. Mextures – Apply All Kinds of Exotic Textures To Your Images

In-Depth Look at The #1 Best iPhone Photography Apps


I’ve listed our current #1 picks for the best photography apps above, with brief descriptions of what they each do. However, for a more detailed overview of each application, read on below…

1) Afterlight


Afterlight is perhaps my favorite image editor for iPhone of all time. For me, it is a near-perfect app that does exactly what you expect and a whole load more besides. At its core, Afterlight 2 is basically an after-effects tool that augments the lighting of your pictures.

Sounds simple, right? It is – and it works simply too. But the stuff it does to images is mind-bogglingly good. You can basically remake an entire image just by messing around with the exposure and textures. Once you’ve done this you can augment the colors and truly create unique and utterly compelling images. Love this app!

2) Snapseed


Snapseed is a powerful image editing tool for iPhone that is packed with loads of awesome features and effects for extracting maximum details for from your captured images.

Inside Snapseed, you have a choice of over 130+ filters, the ability to edit filter settings, frames, double exposure settings, and the app is designed for touch, so you can edit away at snaps with your finger.

Whether you’re editing photos for Instagram, Facebook, or just for your own personal use, Snapseed is definitely a must-have iPhone photography app.



VSCO is a fully-featured image editor that comes with a host of unique features. Having the ability to mess around the contrast, saturation, and grain of your images allows you to create totally unique compositions.

VSCO features a ton of presets too, so if you’re not 100% comfortable editing your own shots, you have a bunch of professionally-made filters and effects to choose from.

VSCO also has a fairly active social community, so you can share your pictures with fellow users and get feedback.

4) Lens Distortions


Lens Distortions is an after effects app that lets you apply all kinds of real-world effects to your photographs – from rain to fog to lightning strikes and lens flares, Lens Distortions is the #1 iPhone photography app for after effect lighting.

The app itself is very easy to use as well; simply load your photograph and start moving through the options (these act as fillers, essentially). Once you’ve found one you like, you can then customise it to your exact specifications.

5) Enlight


Enlight is basically about seven apps in one. Inside it you can edit images, transform them into hand-drawn pictures, apply effects, implement additional images and background effects – the list is endless…

Back in 2017, Enlight won a few awards – and the reason it did is simple: it is one of the best iPhone photography apps on the planet right now.

If you’re after a fully-featured iPhone photo editor that does literally everything, you need Enlight in your life…

6) TouchRetouch


TouchRetouch is a great little app that basically gets rid of stuff you don’t want to see inside your pictures. Example: say you’ve got a lovely shot of a beach, but there’s a naked dude lurking around in the background. Well, with TouchRetouch, you can simply delete the naked guy, save the image, and it’s like he never even existed.

This app works phenomenally well, which is why it is featured inside our Best iPhone Photography Apps list. If you’re seriously about capturing the perfect image, you need the ability to remove things – dirt from faces, lens flare… whatever – and TouchRetouch is the best app for this. Bar none.

7) Adobe Lightroom


Adobe Lightroom is basically Photoshop-lite, just for the iPhone and iPad. Inside Lightroom you have essentially all the tools you’ll ever need to professionally edit your photos, apply filters, and basically make them look good enough for magazine publishing.

Like most Adobe apps, Lightroom is jam-packed full of features. It is a fully-fledged image editor, just inside you iPhone. You have everything from advanced filters to color enhancements to play with. Another banger from Adobe, and a must have for any iPhone photo buffs.

8) Mextures


Mextures, as the name suggests, is focused on textures – specifically, adding textures to your images. How you apply them is entirely up to you, but Mextures includes hundreds of potential options that’ll make your images really stand out on social networks.

It’s not the most advanced app on this list, but for fans of depth and uniqueness, Mextures is a great tool for your photography folder on your iPhone or iPad.

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