Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 Picks

Love your iPhone, but need more apps? Not sure which ones are really worth it? Fret no further, this list of the best iPhone apps is for you.


Amazon Music

Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 PicksPin

Yeah, Amazon is a place where you buy your goods, but the company also has a really good streaming service. That service is called Amazon Music and the best news about it is you get a tier for free if you’re already an Amazon Prime member. So there’s no reason not to download the app and check it out.


Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 PicksPin

Streaming music is the new norm and while there are tons of apps out there that do it, there’s few that actually do it well. Spotify is the undisputed king of music streaming. If you haven’t tried it yet, download the app. There’s even a free tier, so no subscription needed.



Pandora is a great app especially if you like to create personalized “radio stations” that only play the select artists or types of music you prefer. The app also has a great podcast selection meaning you can get your tunes and podcasts all in one place.


Kaia Trainer

Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 PicksPin

Kaia Personal Trainer is a fantastic app that’s different than other fitness apps in that it uses advanced AI-powered motion tracking technology that allows your iPhone to watch you do exercises and the app can then critique your form as you do them. It’s like having a personal trainer in the room with you.


Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 PicksPin

If you are looking for an app to monitor and track your fitness over time, you can’t do much better than Strava. The app tracks the distance, pace, speed, elevation gained, and calories burned during various exercise activities. Those activities include running, cycling and swimming. The app also works with a number of devices, like the Apple Watch.

Carrot Fit


Carrot Fit is a great fitness app that adds a little snark to keep you motivated. The app is known for its “7 Minutes in Hell Workout” and the fact that it will actually belittle you if you aren’t keeping up with your fitness goals.



Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 PicksPin

ToDoist is one of the best “to-do” apps on the iPhone. Matter of fact, it’s so popular it’s used by over 20 million people. The app allows you to create to-do lists to use by yourself or collaborate with groups on. To top it off, it’s got an excellent UI.


Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 PicksPin

Instapaper is one of the original content saving apps and out of all the imitators, it still has the best interface. The app allows you to save web articles for offline reading. It’s a terrific app that allows you to catch up with interesting articles you just didn’t have the time to read at the moment. It’s one of the best apps for the iPhone.

Memento: Modern Reminders

Memento Modern RemindersPin

Memento: Modern Reminders is a gorgeous reminders app for iPhone. It’s packed with various alerts–including location-based alerts. But the best thing about it is its grid layout. Perfection.



Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 PicksPin

While there’s no shortage of photography apps on the iPhone, don’t give Afterlight a miss. The app features an astounding 130 filters to make your pics their best. Not only that, it features over 20 editing tools and another 60 textures and overlays. It really is one of the best photo apps on the market.


Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 PicksPin

Snapseed is Google’s photo editing tool that offers a wealth of tools for you to improve your images. Matter of fact, the app is packed with 29 tools to do just that. Better yet, not only does it support JPEG files, but also RAW. You can even add text to your pics, meaning you can create your own memes!

Being Creative


Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 PicksPin

Okay, if you’re a writer you should do one thing: get this app. Scrivener is hands-down the best word processor and writing management tool on the Mac. This iPhone app is its iOS counterpart that allows you to take and work on your Scrivener projects on the go. It is staggering how good this app is.


Best iPhone Apps For June 2020 – Our #1 PicksPin

If drawing is more your bent, check out Paper. The sketching app has long been the favorite amount the artistically-minded. Matter of fact, it’s so popular it has over 25 million users. And not only can you sketch with the numerous tools available in the app, but you can also even create photo collages and collect your works into digital journals.

Otter Voice Meeting Notes

Otter Voice Meeting NotesPin

A big part of the creative process is jotting down notes for ideas you have. Otter Voice Meeting Notes is the perfect notes app because it records all your notes in real-time as you speak them, and that lets you get your thoughts down faster. It’s also got powerful search tools so you can quickly find an idea you’ve jotted down.

Michael Grothaus

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