The Best Golf Apps For iPhone & Android: Beginner & Advanced Players

Jordan Fuller, the expert golf trainer, gives us his breakdown of the #1 best golf apps for iPhone and Android that all golfers (new and old) should be using in 2020 and beyond…

Most golfers live and breathe the game, and if you’re one of those who love the sport of golf then you’ll probably already have picked up a few specialist apps on your mobile device. There are many brand new apps being developed to help golfers of all skills to improve their swing and enhance their training.

But which should you go with? Rather than pretend we know the answer, or simply handpick a few from the App Store and Google Play, we reached out to Jordan Fuller, a veteran golf trainer and all-round expert on all things golf to find out what the pros are ACTUALLY using to improve, track, and monitor their game.

#1) Hudl Technique Golf: Slow Motion Swing Analysis 

The Slow Motion Swing Analysis from Hudl Technique allows you to record your swing, and then play it back in slow motion for a frame by frame analysis. Swing plane drawings are available for you to compare your swing to those of the pros, all while being able to add voiceover to the video.


There is access to a large Hudl community of golfers that comes with the software, allowing you to get feedback on your swing technique from other Hudl users along with the ability to easily share your video on social media.

#2) Golf GPS & Scorecard 

Featuring an excellent GPS rangefinder that works on over 33,000 courses around the world, the Golf GPS & Scorecard comes with a digital scorecard that automatically advances from hole to hole, providing a convenient way to keep your score along with determining your club selection.


You can store rounds online, free of charge, and can even use the available stats and graph markers to watch how your game progresses. There is also a rangefinder feature, with satellite imagery and zoom.

#3) Golfshot: GPS + Scorecard + Tee Times 

Golfshot GPS+Scorecard+Tee Times offers a free version that gives you easy scoring and tracking, along with distances for over 38,000 courses worldwide. You can not only track your own scores, but you can track the scores of your friends too.


Other features include graphics with data on your performance in driving, greens in regulation, short game success, and putting. There is a paid version that is more advanced, with interactive, real-time distances to all targets and hazards, as well as real-time GPS distances, 3D flyovers previews of each hole, and easy tracking on the Apple Watch.

#4) Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker

You can use the Diablo Handicap Tracker app to establish a USGA Handicap index, as well as share ratings and reviews. You can also use it to post your latest scores and track your friends too.


There is a Facebook integration included in the software that allows for score sharing and finding other Diablo members and course location functions, such as a GPS course finder.

#5) Golf Nearby

An ideal app for the traveling golfer, the Golf Nearby app has logged golf courses across the globe and is able to locate the nearest golf courses to you wherever you are in the world, taking data-driven from Foursquare.

Other features include pictures of golf courses, if available, along with direction on how to get there. Street views, contact details for the clubs, and links to the course websites are also available and easily shared via email or text.

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