You’re bored at work. It’s a Monday. You might have a hangover still. And the last thing you want to do is update a spreadsheet or send multiple emails.

You need to pass some time, get through the day. Tuesday will be better, you’ll feel more human then! But what do you do in the meantime?

Simple: play some browser games – I guarantee it’ll burn through a good few hours of your workday (providing you can get away with it!).

Best Browser Games To Play?

There are THOUSANDS of options out there on the internet, way too many to list here.

All I can do is list the ones I regularly play, the games I find most fun.

I’ll add more to this list as I find them, but for now, these three are my current go-to options for when I’m lacking the motivation to do some actual work!

10 Bullets

I used to love arcade shooting games when I was younger. You know, the ones like Space Invaders and the like?

If you were the same, you’re going to LOVE 10 Bullets – as it is basically the same thing, only here you only get 10 shots to take down as many crafts as possible.

There’s a lot of skill involved in this game; you need great timing, as taking down multiple enemies with one shot is basically the name of the game.

Immensely annoying and super addictive, 10 Bullets has been a mainstay of mine for a good long while. Monday’s wouldn’t be the same without it!

Boulder Dash JQ

In this one you have to run around, avoiding explosions and falling boulders, and collect as many diamonds as you can.

It’s based on the classic arcade game, Rockford. And it is more or less a straight-up copy.

This one can be super annoying, I must warn you. But if you like this style of game, there is a TON of scope for plenty of game time.

Just make sure you don’t punch a hole through your monitor!

Contre Jour

This one was a big hit on mobile, and now it is also available to play for free online inside your browser.

The name of the game is simple enough: get a blob, Petit, across a course using the environment for assistance.

It sounds simple, but as you progress the levels get increasingly harder, requiring more and more thought.

I really like games like this on mobile, and while it’s not quite as intuitive on the big screen as it was on mobile, it’s still definitely a fun way to pass an hour or two.