Here’s What Apple Has Planned For 2019


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According to a reliable source…

You can never be sure about a company’s plans until they announce them officially, but some rumours carry more weight than others. And when Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo speaks, people tend to listen – Kuo has been bang on the money several times in the past.

Kuo is back with some more news regarding Apple’s 2019 plans, and they seem pretty convincing given what we’ve heard about these new phones already. Three new iPhones will be coming this year, and they will all have the same screen sizes as the current XS, XS Max and XR models. However, one will sport a triple-camera system. All three phones will retain the notch.

Elsewhere, all three models will boast an improved Face ID system, bigger batteries, frosted glass casing rather than glossy and ‘ultra-wideband radio’ for indoor navigation and ‘bilateral wireless charging’ so each phone can be used to charge other wireless devices – something both Huawei and Samsung are also doing.

The XR will get its second year in the sun, but those expecting the device to upgrade its LCD screen for an OLED one will be disappointed; Kuo confirms that the cheaper tech will be retained for a second year.

On the negative side, Kuo confirms earlier reports that Apple is sticking with its Lightening connection for charging and data, which means you won’t get fast-charging capabilities out of the box and will have to invest in a more powerful charger (as well as a Lightning to USB-C cable).

Kuo also backs up reports that Apple is about to update the iPod Touch (and the iPad Mini), which is good news for fans of those devices. Two new iPads are on the way as well apparently, with 10.2-inch screens. The analyst also says that we’ll be getting a new 16-inch MacBook Pro, a 6K monitor and an easily-upgradeable Mac Pro. As ever, it pays to be a little sceptical with any rumour, but given Kuo’s track record, it looks like Apple fans are in for a pretty amazing 2019.

Source: The Verge

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