Apple’s first spatial computer does a lot – but does the Apple Vision Pro have games?

TL;DR: Does the Apple Vision Pro have games?

  • Short answer: Yes, the Apple Vision Pro has games that are customized for the headset. 🕹️
  • But there’s more: The Apple Vision Pro can also play games that were made for the iPhone and iPad. 📱
  • And more: The Apple Vision Pro even supports console game controllers! 🎮
  • However: You can’t use the Apple Vision Pro as a display for your Xbox or PS5. 😒

Until now most AR/VR headsets have been primarily gaming machines. People use them to play virtual reality or augmented reality games. 

But the Apple Vision Pro is different than most existing mixed reality headsets – something Apple wants people to understand very clearly. That’s why the company positions the Apple Vision Pro as not an AR headset or a mixed reality device, but a “spatial computer.”

Indeed, the Apple Vision Pro can do much more than most headsets. It’s a full computer with everything from word processing to image editing apps.

But what about games? Can the Apple Vision Pro play games? Here’s what you need to know…

Does Apple Vision Pro Have Games?

Yes, the Apple Vision Pro has games. But these aren’t triple-A titles you are used to seeing on consoles like the Xbox and PS5 (and, by the way, no you cannot use the Apple Vision Pro as a display for your Xbox or PS5, sadly).

If you navigate to the Apple Vision Pro’s App Store you’ll see that there are already numerous games available for the Apple Vision Pro. These are games that have been purposely designed for spatial computing.

However, these aren’t the only games Apple Vision Pro can play…

Can The Apple Vision Pro Play iPhone and iPad Games?

What’s really cool about the Apple Vision Pro is that developers can allow their iPhone or iPad apps to run on the Apple Vision Pro. These apps aren’t designed for the Apple Vision Pro, but Apple lets them run on the device.

This includes iPhone and iPad games. This means that many of the games already on your iPhone or iPad may be able to run on your Apple Vision Pro.

Does Apple Arcade Work On Apple Vision Pro?

Apple Arcade is Apple’s video game subscription service for iPad and iPhone. For a monthly fee you get access to hundreds of iOS and iPadOS games that you don’t have to pay individually for nor are there any in-app purchases in the games.

The good news if you own an Apple Vision Pro and are an Apple Arcade subscriber is that Apple says Apple Arcade includes games that can be run on the Apple Vision Pro.

Can I Use A Video Game Controller With the Apple Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro has a brilliant user input system that uses cameras to track what your eyes are looking at. Then if you want to engage with a link or a button you simply pinch your fingers together while looking at the item.

This works great for browsing the internet and using photo editing apps and watching movies and TV shows. But Apple knows that games often require numerous types of interactions via joysticks, buttons, and triggers. That’s why Apple has made the Apple Vision Pro compatible with some game controllers, including the Xbox controller and the PlayStation controller.

As long as the Apple Vision Pro game offers controller support, you’ll be able to use a compatible wireless gaming controller with the Apple Vision Pro.

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