People love Apple’s headset for watching movies, but can Apple Vision Pro Replace TV?

TL;DR: Can Apple Vision Pro Replace TV?

  • Short answer: Yes. If you wanted it to, the Apple Vision Pro could replace your TV set. 📺
  • But… You would have to do without most live television and many streaming services. 🎥
  • Because: Apple Vision Pro apps are very limited right now and most cable companies and even some streamers don’t have Apple Vision Pro apps of their own. 📱

The Apple Vision Pro can’t yet replace a laptop and you can’t be used with your PC either. But many people also want to know if they can use Apple’s headset to replace the TV in their living room.

The answer really depends on what you like to do most on your TV. For example, if you just watch movies the answer will be different than if you like watching live broadcast television.

Let’s dive more deeply into whether the Apple Vision Pro can replace your television…

The Benefits Of Apple Vision Pro As A TV Replacement

It’s easy to understand why some people would love to ditch their TV for an Apple Vision Pro. The greatest advantage of the Apple Vision Pro when it comes to media viewing is that the Apple Vision Pro can make it look like a cinema-sized screen is in your tiny living room. 

Any video you play in the Apple Vision Pro can be expanded to nearly as large as you want it. This means that while wearing the Apple Vision Pro it will look like you are watching the latest Hollywood blockbuster on a 20-foot screen. This puts the “large” 65-inch-plus television screens to shame.

Another nice touch is that video-playing apps on the Apple Vision Pro can also project digital environments into the background. With these environments, the Apple Vision Pro can make it look like you are watching Star Wars on Tattoine or the latest fantasy blockbuster in an actual movie theater.

The Drawbacks Of Apple Vision Pro As A TV Replacement

However, while the Apple Vision Pro has many benefits as a TV replacement, it also has some drawbacks. The primary drawback is that only one person can wear an Apple Vision Pro at a time. So while you may be able to enjoy your favorite flick on a 20-foot virtual Apple Vision Pro screen the person sitting on the couch next to you will see nothing.

And if you wanted to get everyone in the house an Apple Vision Pro, it would cost a family of four $14,000 (one Apple Vision Pro costs $3,499).

Also, if you are a console gamera – for example, Xbox or Playstation – you can’t hook those consoles up to the Apple Vision Pro, which means if you want to play your console games you’ll still need a TV to see them on.

A final drawback to replacing your TV with the Apple Vision Pro comes down to content availability…

Apple Vision Pro Is Missing A Lot Of Content Providers

While the Apple Vision Pro can make it look like movies are playing on massive screens inside your living room, many streaming services don’t yet have native apps for the Apple Vision Pro. And nearly all broadcast television channels also do not support the device yet.

This means that if you want to watch live television on your Apple Vision Pro, you’re going to be out of luck for the most part. There are a few apps that can help you play live TV on the Apple Vision Pro, but those don’t support stations in every area.

One workaround is playing live TV through the Safari browser on the Apple Vision Pro, but that’s a headache as you can’t just flip through all the cable channels your TV gets.

Also, not even all streaming services have native apps for the Apple Vision Pro.

What Streaming Services Support The Apple Vision Pro Already?

The streaming services that already offer native Apple Vision Pro apps include:

  • Crunchyroll
  • Discovery Plus
  • Disney +
  • Max 
  • MLB
  • Mubi
  • NBA
  • Red Bull TV
  • TikTok

Which Streaming Apps Is Apple Vision Pro Missing?

However, while some of the biggest streaming services already have Apple Vision Pro apps, there are two huge services missing: Netflix and YouTube.

The good news is that YouTube has confirmed it is working on an Apple Vision Pro app. However, streaming king Netflix has yet to publicly announce any native app for Apple Vision Pro.

Can I Ditch My TV For The Apple Vision Pro?

You can, but right now you’d have to sacrifice much of the convenience and content you get through your existing cable TV provider. Also, you wouldn’t be able to play console games anymore as you can’t connect devices like the Xbox or PlayStation to the Apple Vision Pro.

In short, most people will not want to replace their TVs with the Apple Vision Pro for now.

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