We7 app brings offline radio to Android and iOS


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Music service We7 will be launching a free application that lets you create your own radio station on a mobile phone.

By selecting the artists you want to head-nod to, you can create a personalised radio station as the app will find similiar artists from the ones you have chosen, much in the same way as Last.fm. You can even skip forward through tracks in similiar fashion, too.

A unique feature is the ability for We7 to work when offline. Whereas most radio applications require an internet connection, We7 negates the need. We assume it pre-streams content when it is connected, or it relies on pure magic.

“Music and mobiles are the ideal combination,” said Steve Purdham of We7. “But until now when you have streamed internet radio as soon as you lost the connection, you lost the song.”

Analyst Mark Mulligan, of Forrester Research, said, “It is vitally important that it’s free – there has to be a recognition that the vast majority of people don’t believe in paying for digital content.

“If content is everywhere, you either have to make it exceptional so a small number of people will pay, or embrace the free business model – that is the only way to the mass market.”

Unlike Last.fm which costs money – unless you have an Xbox Live gold account or a Windows Phone 7 smartphone – We7 relies on advertising.

We7 has launched on Android and will be coming to the App Store shortly.

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