This Is What The Google Pixel 4 Looks Like


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Every year, the mobile industry whips itself into a frenzy regarding new hardware launches from key handset makers. Apple is perhaps the one that triggers the most public interest, followed by Samsung and its Galaxy range of devices. However, despite only accounting for a small percentage of global smartphone sales, Google’s Pixel range is just as capable of gobbling up column inches, and it would seem that the search giant has gotten wise to this and is “feeding the beast” to generate hype.

Google LEAKS Pixel 4 (So No Need For Speculation…)

While most other phones are leaked aggressively prior to their official announcement, almost to the point where, when the handset is finally unveiled, there’s little to surprise us, Google has decided to get one step ahead of the leakers by teasing the Pixel 4 before showing it off fully.

The company posted the following tweet this week, showing the back of the device. It’s a significant image, because it shows that Google is finally moving away from the single-camera setup that has typified its Pixel range for ages. Instead, we’re getting a larger array of cameras this time around, a configuration that isn’t miles away from what Huawei has on its Mate 20, and what Apple is rumoured to be using on this year’s new iPhone models.

If you look at the image closely, you’ll see two main cameras as well as what appears to be a smaller sensor above them. There’s the LED flash too, as well as another small dot, which could be some kind of microphone or another sensor. Outside of the familiar ‘G’ logo, there’s not much else to go on, but the news that Google is using more than one snapper in its phones moving forward is pretty major.

Will There Be A Google Pixel 4 XL As Well? 

So, back to the rumours. It’s been hinted that the Pixel 4 XL (yes, there will be two phones again this year) will have a more traditional top bezel rather than an ugly notch, which seems like something of a step backwards when you consider how many other 2019 handsets are changing the game in this regard.

We already know that Google’s next-generation assistant will be included in the phone, and there are rumours that it could play host to Project Soli, which comprises of a small radar that is able to detect small movements of a person’s fingers in the area directly above the device. It sounds like a gimmick, but it could allow you to interact with your phone without even having to pick it up – imagine swiping your arm across the top of the phone to silence an incoming call or turn off an alarm.

We’ll know more about the Pixel 4 when Google officially announces the phone later this year. In the meantime, we’ve been having a blast with our Google Pixel 3a phone, which retails for less than $400!

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