T-Mobile offering free Android handsets on £10 contracts


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You can now pick up a select bunch of T-Mobile Android devices for free on £10.21 a month two-year contracts.

The handsets that come under T-Mobile’s new £10 a month contract initiative are as follows: the Samsung Galaxy Apollo, LG Optimus One Navigation Edition, Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro and the Sony Ericsson Xperia X8.

We’re quite impressed with T-Mobile here, some of the above devices are actually pretty good – and certainly a bargain for just over a tenner a month.

Having said that, it is a two-year contract. So any user that’s thinking about doing this will need to seriously consider whether they’ll be happy with a mid-range Android phone until 2013 – after all, a lot can happen in a year.

So what do you get for just over a tenner a month, besides a free handset? Not that much, unfortunately – 100 voice-call minutes, 100 texts and a 500MB data limit.

Clearly, T-Mobile is aiming this deal at the younger generation – or people that want a smartphone, but don’t want to pay premium prices.

Users can get unlimited texts, but they’ll have to cough up an additional £5.10 for the privilege, which sort of takes the sheen off the £10-a-month-deal.

Another thing to consider as well is whether the device will get upgrades. The Optimus One is definitely getting Android 2.3, so this one is definitely worth keeping in mind.

As for the others, we really can’t say – again, make sure you check this out in full before you take the plunge. No one likes being stuck on an un-updatable, buggy and out of date platform – especially for two years.

That’s our two pence on this deal. Sure, the deals are definitely cheap but the phones aren’t great and neither is the call, text and data allowance offered by T-Mobile.

Proceed with caution, dear reader.

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