Puma Phone 2 running Android on the way


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A follow up to the recently announced Puma Phone is in the works according to online reports but will run the Android operating system this time around.

Little is confirmed about the upcoming device but Jérôme Nadel of Sagem Wireless did reveal that it would likely be a lower specced model that would slot in below the first.

Like the original it will still have access to the Sagem-developed cloud infrastructure of news, social networking and shopping, a feature that Sagem would reportedly like to re-brand and offer to “different niche customers”.

Unlike the Puma 2, the Puma Phone runs a custom OS and houses a solar panel on the rear for topping up the battery. You also get the usual gamut of touchscreen functionality too, but with the added benefit of sporting functions that include a pedometer and bike speedometer.

The “sometime in 2011” release date is about as vague as it gets, so it’ll be a while before we get to see the Puma 2 in the flesh. In the meantime you could take a look at the Puma Phone, which is about to go on sale with a suggested retail of £329.99 SIM-free.

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