Motorola’s secret Android 3.0 superphone coming January?


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Motorola is reported to be working on a dual-core (NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor) Android 3.0-powered ‘superphone’ that’ll be released at next year’s CES 2011.

According to Androidandme, both Motorola’s and NVIDIA’s CEO have confirmed that the device “exists” but it is buried under a concrete blanket of corporate non-disclosure agreements.

The guys at Androidandme seems to think that this new Motorola superphone, dubbed the T2 or Terminator, will make previous Android devices look like toys with its 2x faster web browsing and 5x faster gaming performance. And if this is the case, we have to say we’re in full concurrence!

Whether or not this ‘super device’ will get a UK outing is unknown at present and some sources are saying it’ll be a Verizon exclusive and others proclaiming it will be across a variety of networks.

Either way, it’s pretty certain that this new super device and the ones that will inevitably follow it are representative of where Android is heading in 2011.

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