Huawei P20 PRO WILL Be First In Line For Android Pie Update


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The speed with which Android phone makers roll out new Android updates is tedious at best. Normally it takes MONTHS.

But Huawei is keen on bucking this trend with the Huawei P20; reports suggest Android Pie could start rolling out to the phone within the next couple of weeks.

Or… just in time for IFA 2018.

Android Pie Update Release Date

The news of the earlier than expected release for Android Pie was published by MyBroadband, following a conversation with one of Huawei’s South African reps.

According to that guy or gal, the Android Pie update will hit the Huawei P20 inside the next two weeks.

And, yes, this would be something of a record for Huawei, putting it way out in front of Samsung and LG and pretty much everybody else.

The bad news? There’ll be no update for the Huawei P20 Lite; at least, it wasn’t mentioned by the source, leading many to speculate that the PRO model is taking precedence in this context.

Why? I don’t know. But it’s likely the that the Lite model isn’t selling as well, so Huawei is focussing its attention on the most popular model.

Project Treble Strikes AGAIN

The speed of the update likely comes off of the back of Huawei’s use of Google’s Project Treble software inside its phones.

This technology, released by Google last year, allows for faster Android updates in a much simpler manner.

Let’s hope we start seeing more of this in 2018/19!

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