Huawei C8230 Android handset


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Huawei has showcased its upcoming Android mobile, the C8230 at CommunicAsia 09, but is keeping the spec list surprisingly quiet.

What was revealed at ocworkbench.com is that the 3.5-inch touchscreen device will feature a 3.2-megapixel camera and a long-lasting 1500mAH battery; whilst that doesn’t give much away we rather like the cut of its 3-tone silvery grey jib.

Naturally, being an Android device the C8230 will arrive dripping in Mountain View software, including Google Maps (so that’s GPS on board then?), Google Search and Google Talk. And the browser? Well, Google Chrome, of course.

Given the lack of handset specifics, it’s no surprise that the Chinese manufacturer is keeping quiet on pricing and release details for now.

In related news, Huawei also has another touchscreen in the works; this time, the C8000 Windows Mobile powered 2.8-incher that should arrive before Santa visits.

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