Google opening Android camera to developers


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Android cameras could be up for some improvement as Google overhauls its OS to unveil more features for developers.

Android can support raw image formats and burst mode but these are currently unavailable to developers and programmers.

Google has now confirmed it is unearthing these features to allow developers to experiment and create better camera based apps for the platform.

According to CNET Gina Scigliano, a spokesperson for Google said: “Android’s latest camera HAL (hardware abstraction layer) and framework supports raw and burst-mode photography. We will expose a developer API [application programming interface] in a future release to expose more of the HAL functionality.”

If this happens it will allow programmers to use more abilities in their own software.

Scigliano continued: “The core concept of the new HAL and future API is centered around burst-mode photography, The basic idea is instead of taking a single shot with a given set of parameters, you instead have the power to queue up a request to take multiple shots each with different parameter settings such as exposure gain. The camera subsystem captures a burst of shots, which can be subsequently post-processed by the application layer.”

She also commented the move would allow: “better user control for focus and exposure and more post-processing, such as noise reduction, contrast, and sharpening.”

There is still no word on how long this move will take Google, apart from it’ll be implemented “shortly.” What that actually means is still to be seen but we’ll keep you posted on any new developments.

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