Dell’s first touchscreen Android phone


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Dell’s foray into the world of Android handsets may have been snapped in the wild today for the first time since the PC manufacturers official announcement of the devices.

The image certainly doesn’t look far-fetched and Dell has announced that it plans on entering the Chinese market before the year is out, but given the prevalence of knock-off handsets on the Chinese market we’re keeping a healthy dose of suspicion in reserve.

The picture surfaced on the Chinese language PDAFans.com site and clearly, well, kind of clearly, shows a touchscreen Pre-esque device proudly sporting a Dell logo centre bottom.

We’re keen to hear word from Dell itself on what the upcoming handsets will offer but right now there’s still little forthcoming on the Android info.

We can only assume that if this leak is genuine, that the first Dell Androids are drawing much closer – and presuming a successful gambit in China, will see release in other territories soon after.

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