Angry Birds on Android released and demand crashes GetJar


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Android users have been enjoying the cut-down Angry Birds beta for a little while, but for no more.

Rovio Mobile has announced the no-longer-beta version has been released, and can be downloaded from GetJar.

Unfortunately, the news has caused an influx of numerous eager green pig slayers to head on over to the website, resulting in GetJar’s website crashing.

In Angry Birds, the idea is to catapult different types of birds towards green pigs, who insist on hiding in structures made of wood, stone and glass. Unbeknown to them, it isn’t enough to stop the onslaught of flying death.

Whilst GetJar gets itself back up, you can at least wait in the knowledge you have yet another platform for all your Angry Birds gaming needs, or alternatively, you can read ten interesting facts on the game.

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