Android Market to surpass Apple’s App Store in matter of months, says report


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Apple’s lead as the number one App Store is beginning to dwindle as Google’s Android Market continues to close the gap between the two stores.

The news comes via Business Insider who recently compiled a chart to illustrate just how Google’s Android Market and Apple’s App Store stack up against one another.

As you’d expect, Apple is still slightly in front by around 100,000 applications, but how long can it maintain its lead when Android is growing at such a rapid rate?

To give Android’s growth some context, you only need look at the figures – in 2009 there were 5,000 apps on the Android Market. In 2011, there are over 250,000.

Compare this to Apple’s steady growth over the years and it’s not a huge leap of faith to claim that Android, in all probability, could take over Apple in the very near future.

Android is, after all, growing at a much faster rate – both in terms of user adoption and app deployment.

Business Insider reckons Android will surpass Apple in a “matter of months” – and when you look at these figures, it’s hard to disagree.

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