Acer announces pledge to Android


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Acer has announced that it has recently joined the Open Handset Alliance and that it will have an Android phone on the market before 2010.

The Open Handset Alliance has welcomed Acer as one of its newest members and the Taiwan-based company has officially announced its intention to bring an Android-driven handset to market before the year is out.

We already knew of Acer’s intention to launch new handsets on the Google Android platform and of it’s addition to the OHA but it’s always good to hear official confirmation of these matters from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

We’re not sure which of the leaked devices will make it to retail first but presumably it will be the A1 that we’ve seen before; either way, we’re hoping for something considerably more impressive than the rebranded E-Ten Glofish devices that saw re-release following the purchase of the company.

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