40 percent of consumers planning to switch to Android


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A survey by GetJar recently found almost 40 per cent of consumers plan to switch to Android when they next buy a new mobile.

“The survey results make it clear that all eyes are on Android, as well as the importance of brand equity in the increasingly competitive mobile App space,” said GetJar’s chief marketing officer Patrick Mork, in a statement.

“In addition, the data also reveals that brand marketers and advertisers also have a reason to be hopeful about consumer’s appetite for in-app advertisement.”

One expert believes that those who love to play with all the latest apps should trade in their mobile phones and splash out on an Android handset.

Michael Morgan, senior analyst of mobile devices at ABI Research, predicted the Android is set to grow and overtake iPhone as the primary platform for mobile phones.

He noted it is to become the favoured option of app developers, with the Android operating system likely to grow in size and increase its capacity for technology.

“I believe in the near future a shift will occur whereby Android will become the primary platform for application development and iPhone operating system will become the secondary target,” explained Mr Morgan.

Adding that developers will choose to produce Apps for a platform that is seen to welcome the production of innovative titles.

GetJar did not reveal who they commissioned to conduct its survey, or how the survey was conducted.

Sample bias may be an issue with GetJar’s figures. GetJar offers some iOS applications, but most iPhone users are locked into Apple’s iTunes App Store, so iPhone users may be significantly under-represented in GetJar’s survey.

GetJar says the “pro-Android” views revealed by the survey boost its resolve to expand its own program for Android publishers to “secure its position as the premier open Android Market alternative,” although GetJar says they still plan to support BlackBerry and iOS devices.

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