What Headphones Does Apple Make? (AirPods & More!)

Lots! Here’s all of ’em!

Wondering what headphones does Apple make? It’s actually a more complicated question than you would think. That’s because Apple makes two different BRANDS of headphones.

You see, Apple makes multiple headphones under the Apple brand name (the AirPods line, plus another one), but the company also makes headphones under the Beats brand, which Apple owns.

The two different brands vary in their look and feel, but many AirPods headphones have the same characteristics of the Beats headphones line. However, for this article we are only focusing on Apple-branded headphones, as they are by far the more popular brand.

Apple began making its own headphones way before the AirPods came out. When Apple introduced the original iPod in 2001, it included the first Apple-branded headphones – the iconic white earbuds.

But in the years since, Apple’s headphones have become known because of their AirPods line, which is ever-expanding. So, here are all the Apple-branded headphones Apple currently makes (as of March 2022).

AirPods Pro


These are the most advanced in-ear headphones Apple makes. The AirPods Pro came out in 2019 and future a radically compact design and interchangeable ear tips. This means you can customize the fit and feel of the AirPods Pro in your ears.

But the AirPods Pro’s biggest feature is active noise cancelation. ANC is what sets the AirPods Pro apart from the regular AirPods (which we’ll talk about next).

The AirPods Pro only come in white and cost $249.

AirPods (3rd generation)


These are currently Apple’s newest AirPods. Apple introduced them in 2021, and they are a sort of a mix between the prior AirPods and the AirPods Pro. The AirPods (3rd generation) future a design very similar to the AirPods Pro–a short stem and small body. However, they don’t offer interchangeable ear tips or active noise cancelation.

What this means is the AirPods (3rd generation) is just an advanced iteration of the AirPods (2nd generation). The AirPods (3rd generation) only come in white and cost $179.

AirPods (2nd generation) 


The AirPods (2nd generation) came out in 2019 and are probably the most popular AirPods Apple’s sold. They replaced the first-generation AirPods, which Apple no longer sells. The AirPods (2nd generation) feature a long-stem design, making them taller than the AirPods (3rd generation) and AirPods Pro.

But Apple has kept the AirPods (2nd generation) on sale even though the AirPods (3rd generation) is available, because they are able to sell the AirPods (2nd generation) at a reduced price point – making AirPods (2nd generation) an nice entry-level product for users who want to try out Apple’s audio offerings.

The AirPods (2nd generation) only come in white. They cost $129.

AirPods Max


The AirPods Max are the latest variant in the AirPods line. They were introduced at the end of 2020 and are the first over-the-ear AirPods. Like the AirPods Pro, the AirPods Max features active noise cancelation. It’s ANC that is one of their biggest selling points.

However, the AirPods Max also features high-fidelity audio, which those in a studio environment will appreciate. They are also known for their exceptional fit and finish.

Another thing that distinguishes the AirPods Max is that they come in multiple colors. AirPods Max are currently available in Space Grey, Silver, Pink, Green, and Sky Blue. But the AirPods Max are also Apple’s priciest AirPods. The AirPods Max cost $549.

EarPods with Lightning Connector


Yep, Apple still makes a wired earbud! It’s called the EarPods with Lightning Connector and is the iconic white earbuds that became famous in the early 2000s. However, now the EarPods with Lightning Connector don’t have a 3.5mm plug. As the name says, the EarPods with Lightning Connector features a Lightning connection, meaning you need an iPhone to use them–or a Lightning to 3.5mm jack adapter.

The good news? The EarPods with Lightning Connector are Apple’s cheapest headphones. The EarPods with Lightning Connector only cost $19.

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