They’re called the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones, which is a bit of a mouthful, but they’re damn good – so good, in fact, that I ended up ditching my AirPods for them…


VIVO makes some killer phones. I’m using the VIVO X51 5G right now and it is brilliant. It looks like an ultra-flagship and its camera module comes with a gimbal system, so you can shoot steady video while running away from things.

It’s great, and as I noted in my post about the phone, I ignored the phone, leaving it in my desk drawer for about five months. This was a stupid move on my part.

Sadly, I also did the same with the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones that came with it. And this was a mistake too because these wireless earphones are absolutely great – way better than my AirPods.

And this is why…

VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones Design

Unlike Apple’s AirPods, or most other true-wireless earbuds, the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones utilize a flexible neckband design, whereby the headphones are connected by a wire. The controls are also located here.


This design, while not exactly on point right now, makes the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones great for working out – especially running. With my AirPods, after more than an hour of running, when the sweat is flowing, one or both of my AirPods will start to slip.

VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones-3Pin

I cannot count the times one has fallen out of my ear during a run. With the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones, this just doesn’t happen. If one does slip, which it seldom does, the cable around your neck ensures it remains attached to you and doesn’t end up down a drain or lost in a bush somewhere.

The headphones themselves are comfy to wear as well; the cable that attaches them together sits snug around your neck and does not cause any discomfort or issue. The controls are easily accessible too. You have four buttons at your disposal:

  • Call Answering
  • Noise Cancelling (ON/OFF)
  • Bluetooth Connect
  • Track Skipping

The VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones are lightweight, have an IP55 rating, so they’re good to go in heavy rain, sideways rain, showers, and pretty much anything else mother nature can throw at you.

And this fact alone makes them better than both my AirPods and my Bose QC35 II headphones – neither of which are water-resistant.

All in, from a design and utility perspective, the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones are fantastic for running, working out, or any outdoor activity where you’ll potentially be exposed to the elements.

There are plenty of similar headphones like these, of course, but what makes the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones so special is the price – they retail for just $56.99 and that, for what you’re getting here, is incredible value for money.

Sound Quality

How’s the sound quality? I’ll admit, prior to testing the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones I didn’t have high hopes. How good could they REALLY be? Its VIVO, after all, a company not exactly known for its headphones.

But as with its phones, it turns out I was too quick to judge. The sound quality and overall performance of the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones, for this amount of money, is very, very impressive.

They’re infinitely better than my first-gen Apple AirPods.

Featuring LDAC 3x HD transmission combined with a polymer titanium-coated diaphragm that is specially designed to extract as much bass as possible, the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones punch WELL outside its weight class in the sound quality department.

VIVO has also used a titanium metal coating inside the headphones’ drivers too; this was down to improve not only the rigidity of the diaphragm but also reduce distortion and make higher frequency notes more audible.

And the net result is very impressive. Music sounds engaging and full, you have lots of low-end but plenty of clarity in the mids and highs. In a pair of earbuds, this is always going to be impressive. Inside a pair that costs less than $60? It’s more or less unheard of…

Battery Life

The VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones run on a 129mAh battery and you’ll get around 12 hours music and 12 hours standby which is fairy respectable.

But the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones don’t stop here.

To make them even more useful, VIVO has included some very impressive fast-charging abilities. A quick 10 minute blast on a charger will give you four hours of music playback – that’s enough to run a marathon.

Verdict: Are The VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones Worth It?

For the price – less than $60 – it is nigh on impossible not to love the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones. They have an IP55 rating, they’re comfortable to wear for long periods of time, and they sound incredible, thanks to VIVO’s innovate speaker and driver design.

I’ve been using mine for over a month and in that time I haven’t picked up my AirPods once. I used to run with my AirPods every day. I will never run with them again, however, after using the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones.

The VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones wipe the floor with Apple’s first-gen AirPods on nearly all fronts. The only area they’re slightly lacking is with respect to digital assistants. But that is literally it. I never use them anyway, so for me this is a moot point.

Bottom line? If you’re looking for a great pair of wireless headphones for running the VIVO Wireless Sport Earphones are well worth a look. They’re waterproof, they look and sound great, and they have decent battery life.

Oh, and they cost less than $60!

What’s not to like?

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