The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus CasesPin

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Cases

BESTS Damien McFerran 09:24, 14 Mar 2019

Cover with style

Another year, another Galaxy S phone – and that also means another hunt for the best form of protection money can buy. That top-of-the-line smartphone might be packed with features and look like a million dollars, but if you accidentally drop it on the floor thanks to your butterfingers, you’ve effectively wiped out £900’s worth of tech. It’s something that really doesn’t bear thinking about, right? With that in mind, cast your eye over the cases we’ve singled out below, and rest assured that there are plenty of options out there when it comes to keeping your beloved handset in tip-top condition.

Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus LED Cover

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus CasesPin

At first glance, this official case looks very much like any other hard-shell option out there; it covers the back of the device and provides a decent level of protection. However, it’s hiding a secret weapon – a series of tiny LEDs which pulsate under certain conditions. Bolt the case on and the phone automatically gives you the option to configure the case (presumably via an NFC connection) so you can have it flash when the handset is face-down, or it can display an emoji on the back. Some might think it looks tacky, but we love it to bits – it’s a cool feature that turns heads, and that’s not a bad thing at all. The only negative is that the texture is quite slippy, and we almost dropped it a few times as a result.

Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Leather Cover Case

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus CasesPin

Nothing quite matches the feel of a leather cover, and Samsung’s offering is excellent. It provides a snug fit but also offers a decent degree of protection, covering all of the important edges but leaving the screen clear for use. The leather will, of course, age gracefully over time, but the soft inner section will keep your phone in tip-top condition. As ever, Samsung’s choice is expensive, but you get what you pay for; this is a premium case option.

Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Clear View Cover Case

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus CasesPin

A popular option in the Galaxy S range for what feels like years, the Clear View case needs no introduction – it covers the entire phone without compromising its functionality. With the case fitted, the phone knows to beam notifications through the transparent front panel, allowing you to see important information without having to open it up. Furthermore, it’s super-thin and doesn’t bulk out the handset too much. This is perhaps the most elegant cover case you can buy for the S10 Plus, and while it won’t help the phone survive catastrophic falls, it sure looks good.

Nodus Access Case III

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus CasesPin

Nodus has been making its Access Case for quite some time now, and it has proven to be very popular with iPhone owners. Amazingly, it uses millions of microscopic suction cups to grip the back of the phone, offering a bond that is both strong and removable, without losing any purchase. Nodus uses the finest leather in its products, and the Access Case III offers a wallet-style design which allows you to store three cards as well.

Olixar Delta Armour Protective Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Case

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus CasesPin

Comprised of a super-tough plastic outer shell and a softer TPU inner skin, the Delta Armour case is a fantastic choice if you want decent protection but don’t want to break the bank to get it. The case has excellent corner protection to ensure that your S10 doesn’t crack after unexpected falls, and the handy port covers prevent dust and dirt from getting into your USB-C and 3.5mm headphone sockets. Despite its impressive level of protection, the Delta Armour case doesn’t make your phone too massive; if you’re prone to dropping your smartphones or you happen to work in a hostile environment, then this is a great option.

i-Blason Ares Samsung S10 Plus Case

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus CasesPin

There’s a lot to like about the i-Blason Ares case. It comes in two sections, and the idea is that you bolt the phone into the front panel and then fit it into the protective rear panel. The assembled case offers ‘military grade protection’ thanks to the four cushioned points on each corner, while the front panel also covers and protects the screen from marks and scratches. The downside? The panel that covers the display appears to inhibit the functionality of the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner; we couldn’t get it to work at all when the case was fitted. If you don’t use the scanner then you won’t find this an issue, but there’s clearly a trade-off to be made here – you either want excellent protection all-round, or you want the ability to unlock the phone with your pinkie.

Olixar Samsung Galaxy S10 Soft Silicone Case

The Best Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus CasesPin
Here’s an interesting one. Samsung’s silicone cases have been popular for years, but they’re quite expensive, as you’d expect from an official option. Budget case maker Olixar has produced a case which is almost indistinguishable from Samsung’s, yet it costs a fraction of the price. The outer layer is soft silicone which does an excellent job of offering protection, while the inside of the case is coated with a soft fabric to ensure the phone remains in pristine condition. If this had the Samsung logo on the back you’d swear it was an official case, so it’s a great choice if you’re shopping on a budget.