Mujjo iPhone XR Case Review – Good-Looking Protection

Apple has been slow to bring out official cases for the iPhone XR, and to date has only released one option – the clear case that costs a whopping £45. It’s a fine product – despite the sky-high price point – but XR owners have been short on solid alternatives lately.

That all changes with the release of the Mujjo Full Leather Case for iPhone XR; Mujjo has a solid reputation with Apple fans for creating gorgeous cases for the company’s phones, and this latest entry doesn’t disappoint.

Mujjo iPhone XR Full Leather Case Review – Design & Materials

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Like most leather cases, the Mujjo option is a plastic shell wrapped in full-grain leather. Mujjo uses the highest quality vegetable-tanned leather for its cases, which – over time – will develop its own unique ‘patina’ which should make the case unique. The interior of the case is covered with Japanese microfibre to ensure your beloved XR doesn’t pick up any marks or scratches when it’s fitted.

There’s certainly something to be said for a leather case on a phone, and the quality of the materials used here really is top-class. The leather feels great in the hand and provides fairly decent protection from accidental drops.

All of the buttons are covered in leather too, but they’re easy to push regardless. The only opening is on the ringer switch, which is perhaps a little difficult to access unless you have reasonably long nails. On the bottom of the case, there’s a large cutaway for the speaker, in-call microphone and Lightning port, and the front of the case has a small ‘lip’ which means you can rest it face-down on the table without risking any damage to the phone’s screen.

Mujjo iPhone XR Full Leather Case Review – Fit & General Use

Mujjo iPhone XR Case Review - Good-Looking ProtectionPin

It’s surprising how often cases don’t properly fit the phones they’re designed for, but thankfully we’ve never had this problem with any of the Mujjo cases we’ve had in the past. The same applies here; the Full Leather Case fits the XR like a glove and there’s no play or movement when you grip it tightly. This may change over time as the case loosens up of course, but for now, it’s a perfect fit.

Leather is a very tactile material so the case is grippy and easy to keep hold off – which is more than can be said for the official iPhone XR Clear Case, which, despite having a slight rubberiness to it, was still hard to grip sometimes. Mujjo’s case feels great in the hand, making the phone a real pleasure to use.

Mujjo iPhone XR Case Review - Good-Looking ProtectionPin

As stated, it will pick up marks, scuffs and other signs of wear over time, but that’s to be expected from a leather case. Many iPhone owners take pride in the fact that their cases age over time, developing their own unique looks, like a leather jacket, wallet or bag. If you’re keen to keep things in pristine condition then it might be worth looking elsewhere, as leather cases mark and stain very easily. It’s a look that’s cool, but probably not for everyone.

Mujjo iPhone XR Full Leather Case Review – Conclusion

Mujjo iPhone XR Case Review - Good-Looking ProtectionPin

Mujjo’s track record is beyond reproach so it’s little surprise to learn that its iPhone XR case is just as good as its other products. Since switching the official Clear Case for this option we’ve not looked back once; leather cases may be an acquired taste for some, but we think this is one of the best options when it comes to protecting your phone.

At just under $40, it’s not cheap, however – but then, when you look at the cost of many other iPhone XR cases, it’s not an unusually steep price. The Clear Case is more expensive and we personally feel Mujjo’s product is superior – although it does mean that all-important Apple logo is covered up, which might annoy some people.

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