Nothing says, I’m rich, bitch, quite like a Louis Vuitton bag or carry case. And now you can get Louis Vuitton iPhone cases too…

If you want people to think you have a lot of money, one of the easiest ways to achieve this is to buy a Louis Vuitton suitcase, bag, or carry case. Once you’ve done this, you can sojourn through airports, your head held high, reveling in the fact that your suitcase cost more than most large families’ monthly food budgets.

But what if you could do more to impress the common folk? What if you could get a Louis Vuitton case for your iPhone? One that matches your luggage set? Wouldn’t that be impressive? Well, the good news is you can – and you’ll be pleased to know they’re reassuringly expensive.

Meet The World’s Most Expensive iPhone Case… 

The cheapest Louis Vuitton iPhone case I have seen retails for $425, while the most expensive Louis Vuitton iPhone case will set you back around $1360 (pictured below) – don’t worry, though, it comes with a removable leather strap for shoulder or cross-body carry.

Louis Vuitton iPhone CasePin

Apparently wearing your phone across your body like this is “a cutting-edge fashion statement” – I must have missed that memo.

With respect to materials, the EYE TRUNK iPhone case by Louis Vuitton is made from a monochrome coated canvas that has Louis Vuitton’s usual iconography etched onto it. Inside, you have a microfibre lining that’ll keep your iPhone nice and protected and clean. But the pièce de résistance has to be the EYE TRUCK’s gold-plated lock on the front of the case (spoiler alert: it’s not real gold).

Louis Vuitton iPhone CasePin

This case – and most of the other cases I checked on the site – are only available for Apple’s iPhone X, iPhone XS, and iPhone 11 Pro models; there are no options for Android phones. And the outright cheapest Louis Vuitton iPhone Case you can get retails for $425 (pictured above) – so still decidedly pricey.

Can You Get Cheap Louis Vuitton iPhone Cases?

If you want the Louis Vuitton look but you don’t have the bank account to get it, what’re your options? The obvious place to look first is eBay. I just had a quick look and found a much of Louis Vuitton iPhone cases for around $75 to $100 – that’s a lot cheaper than $1200 or $425.

Louis Vuitton iPhone CasePin

If you’re looking for cheap Louis Vuitton iPhone cases, this is probably your best bet, however, the condition of the cases is not guaranteed, so make sure you double-check the condition with the seller before buying them.

Oh, and make sure you’re aware of what you can and can’t do with Louis Vuitton iPhone cases. They’re not your average phone case; you cannot get them wet, touch them with greasy fingers, or expose them to extreme temperatures. If you do, you’ll soil the materials and the case will lose a lot of its value and you don’t want this, especially if you’re thinking you might one day sell it.

And if you want a normal iPhone case that won’t cost you a month’s wages, check out our guide to the #1 best iPhone case brands in operation right now.

My personal favorite? That’s easy! Casetify – it does hundreds of awesome, bespoke designs.