The iPhone SE 2020 may be one of the cheapest iPhones Apple has ever produced, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to skimp on protection; the phone has the same lush metal frame and glass back as Apple’s premium smartphones and is just as prone to drops and falls.

With that in mind, a case of some description is a must, so we’ve selected some of the best examples to cover every budget.

Olixar Soft Silicone Case – £9.99

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Apple’s own brand of silicone cases are pretty popular, but they’re also quite expensive for what they are – but you can pick up a similar case from Olixar for a fraction of the price. The soft inner lining protects your device from marks and scratches, while the silicone outer layer prevents bump and knocks without bulking it out too much. The other bonus is that the silicone is quite grippy, which means you’re less likely to accidentally drop your iPhone.

LoveCases Tiger King “Carole Did It” Case – £9.99

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Netflix’s Tiger King is the hottest TV show around right now, so why not show your appreciation of Joe Exotic by cladding your iPhone SE 2020 with this tribute case? It features a cartoon version of the Tiger King himself, uttering his infamous catchphrase. Some might find it cheap and nasty, but this is one case that is sure to raise a smile – as well as protect your phone at the same time.

OtterBox Pop Symmetry Bumper Case – £34.99

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One of the more expensive cases in this round-up, the OtterBox Pop Symmetry case consists of a hard outer shell and a softer rubber skin, with an interchangeable ‘pop top’ grip which pops out of the back, giving you something to hold when you’re using your device. With impressive drop protection and a slim look, this is a great case – and worth the additional cost.

Olixar Carbon Fibre Case – £12.99

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While this Olixar case boasts a cool carbon fibre texture on the back, it’s actually made from rubber which provides excellent overall protection. While we’re not sure it will offer the same kind of protection as more expensive cases, it’s slim and feels great, making it a good mid-range option.

Mous Limitless Case – £39.99 to £44.99

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The most expensive case in this selection, the Mous Limitless Case offers protection for massive drops – the team behind it have even thrown it from a crane – and is effortlessly the best choice if you’re overly concerned about keeping your device in pristine condition. A selection of designs are available, including carbon fibre, leather and walnut, and while the price will be off-putting to some, you’re getting a case that will probably outlast your phone.

Ringke Fusion-X Case – £14.99

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Phone cases are great, but sometimes you want protection that doesn’t prevent you from showing off your device. The Ringke Fusion-X does exactly that; it’s made up of a black rubber frame which shock protection but the back is transparent, allowing your iPhone SE to shine through. The best thing is that despite offering military-grade drop protection, the Ringke Fusion-X doesn’t bulk up your device all that much.

Olixar X-Ranger Case – £14.99

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The X-Ranger’s secret weapon is that it contains a handy multi-tool which slots into the back of the case, ready for action whenever you need it. The tool includes a letter opener, screwdriver, bottle opener, hex wrench, and even a knife – and to top it all off, you can use the tool with a credit card to create a kickstand for your phone.

Thanks to Mobile Fun for supplying the iPhone SE 2020 cases used in this feature.

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